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Get Rich Your Way! Attract money! Brian Tracy


“To be all you can be is a big challenge.

You can’t believe what makes the human spirit maximize its potential

and push it beyond its limits.”- Jim Rohn

The starting point of all wealth

is the development of what Napoleon Hill called a sense of accomplishment.

You must become conscious of financial success long

before you actually achieve it.

Both poverty and wealth are the result of perception.

The most important step you must take on the road to wealth

and money is to decide

to change your mind and inculcate in your mind an unshakable belief

that you can and will achieve their financial goals.

This has to happen before anything else happens.

When I was growing up,

I was fascinated by stories of successful people

and how they built their fortunes

and lost their fortunes,

and then built their careers.

Learn many times about the importance

of a sense of achievement.

But I never fully understood what it meant

until a few years ago.

Then suddenly I encountered something

that I had never been conscious of before.

Every aspect of my life has improved so much,

especially in the area of ​​accumulating money,

that I finally understand the meaning

of the phrase sense of accomplishment.



In this chapter, you’ll learn about some

of the most exciting principles ever discovered

by mankind in the study of the secrets of our times,

the secrets of personal health,


and wealth.

When you understand important principles or laws,

everything in your mind can be conceived

and believed will happen to you.

There are no limits except what you take in in your mind.



How you use your mind to determine everything you have or will have.

In other words,

you have only one spirit with a body you use to carry it.

Everything in the artificial world begins with an idea.

Everything you see around is just an expression of thought.

Your whole life is an expression of your thoughts.

And from your thinking capacity will determine the quality of your life,

if you expand the quality of your thinking,

you will definitely improve the quality of your life.

As you begin to think you are capable of achieving all

of your personal and financial goals,

consistently look for ways to make them come true,

a whole view of yourself and your prospects.

Yours will change to be more fulfilling.



The law of expectation is that whatever you expect it

to believe to be or not,

it will come to be.

If you hope to succeed confidently

and hold on to that belief,

and if you act as if your success is certain to happen,

you will eventually achieve it.

If you confidently expect

to learn something from each experience,

you will become wiser

and more skillful from each setback or difficulty.

If you expect yourself to become rich

because you confidently apply your talents

and abilities to your opportunities

while maintaining that confident attitude of expectation,

then that will turn out to be the realistic case.

A positive expectant attitude will create a joyful,


and positive attitude that will attract influential people

to take an interest in your life

and make things happen the way they should expect them to happen.

Successful people expect success from the very beginning.

They expect to become famous

and liked by others from the very beginning.

They expect to learn from every experience

and grow from it all the time.

Your expectations are really strange

that they are completely under your control.

You decide what they will be.

How do you think they will come out?

Always expect the best and you will rarely be disappointed.



One of the most powerful principles in the universe is the law of gravitation.

The law of gravitation states that you are a living magnet.

This law states that your thoughts create magnetic energy that radiates

from you and attracts into your life people

and circumstances that match those thoughts.

Every thought you have is emotionally charged in one way or another,

positive or negative.

Like an iron honed into a magnet,

whether you have thoughts of longing

or thoughts of anxiety,

you can attract people,


and events into your life agree with those thoughts.

This is perhaps the most important of all the laws

of mind that explain success and chance.

That is, if you have a clear picture of your intended purpose in mind

and you always have that idea in mind,

then you will surely draw a picture.

that image to life into the resources you need to reach your destination.

People become rich or successful

because they keep thinking that they will surely be rich

and successful

until they manifest it in life

as the necessary means to get there.

You just have to picture in your mind what you really want

and don’t mind the things you don’t want,

until your true desires begin to materialize in the world around you.



The law of correspondence is very strong.

This law states that what is inside is what is outside.

This law explains that being outside of you is like a mirror

that reflects to you what is happening inside of you.

The Law of Correspondence states that everything

that happens outside of you corresponds

to what is happening inside of you.

At both conscious and unconscious levels this is true.

Nothing can happen to your life or stay in your life

unless it finds in your mind what corresponds to it.

You can get whatever you always have in mind.

If you are convinced that you are capable

of achieving a particular purpose

and you always have a clear image in your mind of that purpose,

eventually outwardly you will correspond to that image.

Your ability to create and maintain that mental image

is a test of whether you really want

to achieve that goal and believe it’s right for you.


Manifested in three areas

You see the law of correspondence always manifesting itself in three areas:

In other people’s faces,

in your relationships,

and in your wealth.


On the faces of others

In real life your experience in other people will correspond

exactly to your attitude.

You will always see your attitude reflected in the faces of others

and the behavior of those around you.

If you have a positive,

upbeat attitude,

people will almost always respond

to you in a positive and playful way,

even before you open your mouth.


In relationships

Your relationships will accurately reflect who you are inside.

When you feel happy,


and loving,

your relationships will also be happy,


and loving.

But if you become angry,


or fearful for any reason,

consciously or unconsciously,

you will immediately see this reflected in your relationships,

especially at home and abroad.



At your wealth

The third area of ​​the corresponding law manifests

in relation to your wealth.

Outwardly rich and financial achievements will be a reflection

of your inner readiness

for financial success.

The more you keep in mind desires,



and goals for earning and accumulating money,

the quicker these things will appear in the world around you.



The laws of expectation,


and correspondence favor no one.

These laws can work both ways for you,

for or against depending on how you think.

These laws will make you happy or unhappy,

healthy or weak,

rich or poor.

They will help or hurt you depending on how you use them.

The only part of the intellectual equation you can control is how you think.

When you force yourself

to maintain a conscious mindset

of what you want and your images

of wealth and affluence,

these laws will eventually shape your outer reality

to reflect them on the world in all details.

If you insist on thinking about getting rich,

you will eventually become rich.



One of the most important principles in the New Testament (the Bible)

is the law of sowing and reaping.

The law says,

“Whatsoever one sows, one also reaps.”

In other words,

whatever you put in,

you take out.

Some people feel that this is unfair,

because they do not understand the true meaning of this statement.

In the modern world,

you hear that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Why does that happen?

The reason is not complicated.

Based on the laws of correspondence,


and expectation,

it’s actually all about the mind

that people keep the determination

to get rich and always have the intention

to earn a million dollars.

They sow good ideas

and they reap good lives.

The more they think about how

to get rich and succeed economically,

the more money they make

and the richer they become.



While people are busy worrying about making money with negative thinking,

it will drive money out of them

and increase their financial problems.

They end up earning less than they want

or worse than they can afford

and often they end up in debt.

They reap what they sow.

They become what they thought they were.

Some people fill their heads with thoughts of difficulty,


poverty and not being able to afford a good life.

They always think about all the expensive expenses

that they don’t have much money for.

They think and worry about failure more than success.

So they are forever infected with the idea of ​​poverty.

They sow poor ideas

and they reap a life of financial failure.



What do rich people think about most of the time,

and long before they were rich,

what did they think about?

Based on thousands of interviews,

we find that rich people stuff their heads with ideas,


and images about wealth,




and solutions to their problems in the marketplace.

They research books

and magazines that mention other wealthy people

and clearly show the rewards

for creative enrichment.

They think about beautiful homes,


clothes and vacations.

They always expect to enjoy these luxuries

as a result of their hard work.

One of the principles of getting rich is that

if you want to be successful,

you have

to figure out what thoughts keep people

from progressing and definitely don’t think that way.

Instead, find out how the rich think.

Find out what they study

and how they spend their time.

Discover what they say,

think, and refer to,

and then do as the rich do.

It is best to plant the seeds in the garden

of wisdom that you would like

to see it grow around your life.



An important principle that explains how people get rich

from nothing is called the law of accumulation.

This law holds that everything great

and worthwhile in life comes from the accumulation of hundreds,

if not

say thousands of efforts and very small sacrifices that few people see or appreciate.

This law explains that great success rarely happens overnight

or is just the result of experience or breakthrough,

but instead long-term success must be accumulated

and accumulated over time.

You have to put in a lot of very small effort that no one knows

or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.

In a way, financial success grows like a snowball.

The snowball starts out very small,

but as it rolls forever,

it gets bigger and bigger

and accumulates millions of snowflakes

until it becomes a big mass of snow.

Soon nothing can stop it

and it sweeps away everything in front of it.



The three key areas of the law of accumulation for financial success are knowledge,


and experience.

These areas are covered many times in this book

because they are so important.


Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power and is an important factor in creating the leverage you need

to multiply opportunities on your own.

Your body of knowledge is the result

of hundreds and thousands

of small pieces of information you gather

and accumulate over time.

Anyone with a wide knowledge base spends thousands

of hours building a library in their head,

one idea at a time.

As a result of the cumulative results of those years of research

and development,

the individual becomes well versed in the field in which he

or she is deserving of remuneration

and income more than twice that of someone

who did not put in the effort and prepare like that.

This is the main reason

why the top 20% of people in any field make 80%

of their money in that field.

They know more than their competitors,

therefore deserve a lot more pay for their service.


Save your money

Another area where the law of accumulation is important

for success involves money.

All great wealth is due to the accumulation

of hundreds and thousands

of small sums of money.

Wealth rarely begins with instant wealth

or winning the lottery,

but that’s what many people believe

and strive to achieve over 20, 30 years.

Instead, wealth and wealth grows

and accumulates gradually,

step by step,

and only comes to those exceptional people

who show the ability to earn and keep it.

The place to start your path

to riches is nowhere but you and right now.

If you can’t force yourself to adopt a radical lifestyle

and start saving money

under your current circumstances,

you can’t expect to develop these qualities later on.

If you’re looking for a simple formula

for financial success,

it boils down to five words:

spend less than you earn.

The starting place for you is

to immediately use the money you have now,

open a special bank account for “financial well-being” and start saving.

As you save money,

you build up the charm of that money

so that it begins to attract more and more money into your life.

When you

If you put more money into a savings account to get rich,

you will create a greater attraction that will

even attract more money to your life.


Set aside

A few years ago,

I opened a business,

for a start-up business owner it is not difficult to make any mistake

and I lost all my money.

So to save financially,

we had to sell the house to raise capital.

At that point my wife decided to stand her ground

and she was tired of having to worry about money all the time.

My wife insisted on taking $10,000 out of the sale

and putting it in a separate bank account that I couldn’t touch.

Since my wife was so stubborn,

I had to agree and let her do it.

You know what happens?

From the moment she put the money in a separate bank account,

we were never short of money again.

No matter what happens in the years that follow,

the economy and businesses sometimes go up or down,

but in reality,

we have enough money so we never have

to touch a savings account in this special.

Two years later, we were debt-free

and were able to buy a nice house

in a neighborhood in the city.

I have talked to many successful people over the years

and they have told me similar stories.

They say that as soon as they start saving their money

and putting it aside,

the money seems to attract more money

and opportunities into their lives.

As the amount of savings increased,

they began to attract people

and information

to help them invest their funds wisely,

making their investment capital grow even more rapidly.

Perhaps the main reason

why most people stay poor in their old age is

that they never put their savings aside

to let it grow up,

using it to earn money.


Practical experience

The law of accumulation is essential to success

through experience in that field.

The person who is successful in any field is almost always someone

who has more experience in that field than the average person.

Whether it’s commerce or business owner

or management

or sales

or investing,

speaking or writing

or any other profession,

experience makes one stand out.

There are many studies

and opinions on the subject of mastery.

The unanimous opinion of experts that the foundation

of mastery in any field rests on stereotyped recognition.

This is an individual’s ability to “make connections

between points”

when faced with a situation similar to a previous situation.

The more different situations a person experiences,

the more patterns he or she records

and the faster a rational decision can be made

when new or different events occur.


Accept defeat

This quality of pattern recognition applies to all fields.

From law and medicine to negotiation,

sales and business ownership.

Experts agree that for any career it takes 5 to 7 years

and 10,000 hours of experience to become skilled.

And the only way to gain experience is to accept failure,

use trial and error methods,

and then learn from the experience.

The biggest enemy of mastery

and the huge rewards that come with the best performance

in your field is the “satisfaction-oriented zone of mind”.

Most people are satisfied with such low levels of achievement

and achievement that the very thought of trying something new

and different makes them deeply uneasy.

Many people do not have the courage

to take the necessary risks

to get out of the gratification zone

because they fear failure.

But the truth is,

until you get out of the complacency zone

and make mistakes that will give you the experience you need to succeed,

the contentment zone doesn’t make you grow and become capable.

Earn the coins you want.

In other words,

if you want to succeed,

you must accept failure.

You can only succeed by taking risks

where there is no guarantee of success.

If you don’t fail often,

you’ll never have great success.



Here is the secret of the law of accumulation.

Everything has a value (negative or positive)!

Everything you do

or fail to do has some value.

When you have set a purpose for yourself,

everything you do will either benefit or harm.

Nothing does not fit.

The biggest mistake people make is that they think something has value

only if they claim it has value

or they will count on it.

But as a rule,

if it doesn’t work,

it does harm.

If it doesn’t add,

it can subtract.

When you set a goal to get rich,

you have to put yourself in a whole new set of rules

and everything will be of some value

from that day on.

When you read a book,

listen to a radio show,

attend a supplemental seminar or course

to increase your earning potential,

you go to bed early,

wake up early,

it all costs money.

When you plan your day ahead

and tackle the most important tasks

before you do anything else,

it all counts.

Any helpful and positive action will add to the positive

(+) side of your ledger account.


Do not waste time

But if you spend time in the evenings watching TV,

socializing with friends,

killing time in useless activities that bring little value,

then it all comes at a cost and it will pay off.

debit side (–) of the ledger account.

Just like a successful company has a positive balance sheet (++),

so do you.

You create a rich life for yourself

when you accumulate more points on the credit side

than on the credit side.

Just like financial accounting,

everything has to be taken into account.

Here is an important point.

If what you are doing is going to take you to

or from your destination.

Nothing does not fit.

What you do will lead you to the things you want

to accomplish in life,

become the person you want to be,

the wealth you want to accumulate or it will cost you.

Everything has its value (+/–).

This is one of the most important applications

of the law of accumulation in your life.



The law of trust has a great influence on your life.

This law says that whatever you believe in,

it becomes your reality.

You don’t have to believe what you see;


you see what you believed.

Your beliefs lead you to somehow see yourself and your life.

If you strongly believe something is true then you will think,

feel and act that way

and your attitude will determine your results.

Your belief will become your reality.

Your mind is so creative that you tend to ignore

or obscure any information that comes

to you that is contrary to

what you already believe to be true,

whether your beliefs are based on fact

or not just a fantasy.


Mindset of millionaires

Here’s an important discovery:

People who plan to succeed absolutely believe that sooner

or later they will.

They believe that everything that happens to them,

positive or negative,

is part of a grand plan that will ultimately make them successful.

They don’t approve,

think about,

or talk about the possibility of failure.

The concept of failure never crossed their minds.

They never even considered the possibility of failure.

You will always behave outwardly consistent with your true inner beliefs.

When you completely believe in yourself

that you are a successful person just waiting

for the right place to come,

you will be completely different from someone who

still doubts your ability to succeed.

When you develop a sense of achievement,

you become convinced that there is a universal plan

for your success and that everything that happens to you is part of that plan.

You will begin to see the good in every lag or difficulty.

You will learn valuable lessons

from every failure or temporary problem.

Like Henry Ford, you will confidently say,

“Failure is an opportunity to start again more wisely.”

You will develop a sense that you absolutely believe

that your financial success is certain to happen.

You will make the great leap

from positive thinking to positive understanding.

Sometimes positive thinking can be a wish or a hope,

a fill-in for fear and doubt.

But positive understanding flashes through your mind

when you reach a state of conviction

where you absolutely believe that whatever happens you will succeed.

From this point of view,

nothing can stop you.



An important personal quality that underlies all great success is willpower.

Willpower is needed to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Willpower is based on belief, on persuasion, and on loyalty.

It is based on your belief in your ability to overcome all obstacles.

And like any other quality,

you can develop willpower

by practicing it whenever willpower is required.

you can develop willpower and character strength

even more by persistently breaking

a certain habit whenever you want.

You develop more willpower

by forcing yourself every day

to work on your most important purposes,

even when there are a thousand other things you could do.

You can develop willpower

by reading biographies of successful people

whose glories were won by willpower.

The more you cultivate the will to succeed in your mind,

the more you will be able to develop the will power needed

to push you over the obstacles

and overcome the difficulties you face on your way to success.



“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

People start their lives with dreams,

hopes and fantasies and then one way

or another they will become rich.

Living in the United States today,

the most prosperous country in the world,

is perhaps the best opportunity in human history.

Never have more people achieved their financial goals than today.

In reality, however, such success is rare.

Only one person out of a hundred becomes rich

in the course of their life’s work.

Only 5% of people achieve financial independence

where they have enough money

to fund their rich lives without having to go back to work.

This means you calculate the odds that 1 in 20 people

will eventually achieve a life of wealth.



In fact, the best way you’re going to achieve your financial goals is

when you take the matter as a joke and take it seriously.

Financial success can’t be something you’ll get

when everything falls into place.

Circumstances will never go as planned.

There will always be a reason to procrastinate,

but the price to pay for that is too high.

You have to be very serious and have to be serious from today.

Remember that everything has its price.

Every time I meet someone who,

after working for many years,

has become successful and has made a lot of money,

I ask, “What was the turning point in your life?”

Most of them look at me a little differently and say,

“Well, I’ve definitely decided to get really serious about financial goals.”

Sometimes they become angry with themselves

or resent seeing that someone else

they feel is less talented than them is doing better than them.

Sometimes they see an opportunity

and decide to jump at it.

In any case, they must destroy the zone of gratification

and must be determined to take risks.

To stay ahead of your competitors,

you’ll have to do the same.



One of the aphorisms is

“Before you do anything, you must do something else.”

Because success is rare, there are many principles you must learn

if you want to achieve and maintain it,

but the first thing you must do is take complete control

of yourself and your life.

Being attractive for money requires developing self-control,


and self-restraint in the face of demands.

Taking responsibility for yourself,

your desires,

and your attitudes is essential

for anyone who wants to achieve great success.

And controlling your thoughts is the hardest self-control you will ever encounter.

Quick enumeration method

Here is an exercise for you.

Answer the question

“What are the three most important goals in your life right now?”

You must write the answers on the “quick list” for about 30 seconds.

Here’s the quiz:

Determine to think and talk about these three goals only,

how can you achieve these goals in 24 hours.

Definitely don’t think or talk about things you don’t want to.

Always keep your mind on your goals

whenever your mind starts to give up.

This exercise will make it very clear.

It’s hard to focus on what you want

and not think about what you don’t want for 24 hours,

you won’t be able to do it in 24 minutes.

This exercise will demonstrate to you how hard it is to control your thoughts

and focus your mind.

Does it show you what you really think?

That will make it clear to you

why so few people are successful or qualified at anything.

At least initially you’ll find keeping your mind on

what you want will be like trying

to steer a car on a winding road with no steering wheel.


Concentration of will

Fortunately, one-pointed focus and concentration are skills that can be learned.

They are habits you can develop with willpower and practice,

and they even enable you to develop more willpower in the future.

Self-control is not easy at first,

but with practice you will reach the point

where you can almost always keep your mind on your goals and desires.

When you have control over your thoughts,

you can control your behaviors.

If you have self-control and force yourself

to pay the price for your previous success,

you will eventually succeed.

As Zig Ziglar said,

“If you are hard on yourself,

life will be easy on you.

But if you insist on being easy for me,

life will be very difficult for you.”

Everything has its price.

Right now you must resolve to keep in your mind

only those thoughts that are consistent with your desires,

and at the same time keep your mind free of doubt and fear.



Financial success begins with an intense desire

to get rich not an indifferent desire,

but a burning desire to become a millionaire at all times.

Intense emotion,


and determination are here essential

for you to maintain the strength

to face the many adversities

and disappointments that will come your way

and attack you from all sides

when you determined to get rich.

The Japanese have a proverb:

“Earning money is like digging with a needle;

Losing money is like pouring water on sand.”

In fact, we live in an increasingly competitive world filled with people

who are determined to earn real money

as much money as possible.

These people will defy everything as long as they get customers,

sell at too high a price and deliver poor quality goods

and even find ways to cheat, sell fake,

fraudulent and ignorant stalls that are your head cannot imagine.

To become rich,

you have to be as sharp as a fox,

always on the alert and on the lookout

for the possibility of circumstances like the aphorism,

“Anything that can go wrong can go wrong”.

You will experience countless reversals

of fortune and unexpected failures.

The next aphorism is “Of all the things that can go wrong,

it is always possible to go wrong at the worst

and pay the highest price.”

Wealthy Mentor

Financier Bernard Baruch began his career

as a Wall Street newsboy at the age of 15.

His starting salary per week was $3.50.

By practicing some of the principles we discuss here,

especially by becoming an investment expert,

he eventually became the richest man in America

and advised six presidents.

United States, including Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Baruch’s approach to value exploration

and investing is simple and transparent.

He once said, “The first necessary condition to earn a lot of money is

to want to make a lot of money.”

The requirement is first to make a clear decision,

and then to support it with will and determination.

Countless people have never sat down to think about whether

or not they want to make a lot of money.

They may wish,


and pray for a lot of money,

but they never decide to do it.

Exactly, you have to want it wholeheartedly

if you want to achieve it.



“The reasons are the fuel for the combustion engine.”

The more reasons you have for wanting to be rich,

the more intense your desire for financial success will be

and the more determined you will be to achieve it.

Every motivation needs some incentive.

What is your engine?

If you have one or two reasons

why you need to make a lot of money,

your motivation won’t be much,

only that you will easily give up when faced with inevitable obstacles.

But if you had 100 reasons to be rich,

you would be like a locomotive going downhill at full speed.

Nothing can stop you.

Here’s the exercise for you:

Take a blank sheet of paper,

write down 100 things you will do,

buy, have, or get when you have all the money you want.

First of all, don’t be afraid to write something.

You can always review, add or subtract.

But at least 100 answers must be written.

This exercise will transform your thinking and your life.

It will make your mind aware

of all the great possibilities around you.

It will motivate and encourage you,

making the law of gravitation work.

By writing down 100 goals,

you will awaken your subconscious mind

to give you ideas that you can immediately apply

to achieve those goals.

You can never be in the same mood again.



One of the most important principles of achieving wealth

is that you must set a set of goals for financial achievement.

You have to write them,

You must set deadlines and sub-deadlines for completion

and then come up with a carefully detailed action plan to achieve those goals.

You can’t reach a destination you can’t see.

Start detailed financial planning

by analyzing your current financial situation.

Prepare your balance sheet, listing all assets and liabilities.

Get the bank loan application form to use as a reference.

It is especially important to determine exactly how much your total assets are,

as if you were about to convert all your assets into cash

to transfer funds abroad.

Here’s an exercise that might surprise you.



Once you know what your true worth is,

then you aim to hit $1 million at some point in the future.

It takes an average of 22 years for a person

to become a millionaire starting from scratch.

It will take less time if you have already built a substantial net worth.

Once you know where to start

and you’ve set financial goals for the next few years,

break down your long-term goals into years,

and then divide each year into four quarters.

That number of years can be shocking,

but you need to have a clear picture of the net worth you have now

and how much you intend to achieve in future years, of your idea,

how much you will have to save,

each quarter

and every year how much you have to accumulate to become rich.

What will you do to achieve your financial goals?

How much more will you have to earn

and save to achieve your financial goals?

From today onwards how much money do you want to earn each year.

Here are a few suggestions:

Set your income goal for the next 12 months

to be 50% higher than your highest income 12 months to date.

This is a pretty high starting place.



If your highest annual income to date was $50,000,

you would set your income goal for the next 12 months at $75,000.

Write it down and then list everything you can do to increase your income

by 50% for the next year.

Make your statement a plan to accomplish.

Then start doing it right away,

do whatever you can.

Take the first step that you can.

Start today to work towards your goal.

In the weeks and months as your income increases,

reset your purpose to a higher level.

Just bring it up like you’re over the crossbar in a high jump.

Each time continue to increase gradually so that you keep close to that level.

A clear purpose backed by a burning desire will begin the process

of engaging your mind and making the law of attraction work.

Almost immediately you will begin

to attract people, ideas,

opportunities and sources of information

into your life that match your purpose.

You’ll find books,


magazines and courses to help you get there.

An important point is this:

Be specific about the results you want,

but the process should be flexible.

When you get the information

and new experience,

you must be willing to make adjustments in the middle of the process.

Most goals achieved are never predictable

when you start working on them.

Need to have an open mind ready

to absorb new things, not prejudice.



Once you clearly define your goals with written plans to achieve them,

you begin to exercise imagination,

the process of creating clear mental images that make

The law of attraction works

and gives you the ability to see clearly

and focus on reaching your destination.

This is perhaps the most powerful mental ability you can develop

to speed up the process of achieving your goals.

Create a clear mental picture

of your purpose as it is in reality.

This is important

because there is a direct relationship

between the clear image you see in your mind

and how quickly your purpose

becomes reality in your life.

The law of correspondence states

that what is in the star is what is outside.

Create clear mental images of your best lifestyle.

Practice thinking “know first, know later”.

Plan in your mind a plan for the future so that you see

for yourself the life you want.

From the point of excelling in the future,

looking back at the present.

Ask yourself what steps you will have to take from

where you are today to where you want to be in two to three years.

As motivational speaker Denis Wailey says,

“Your imagination is the foreground

of the fascinating things of life to come.”


See yourself while doing

Use your powers of imagination

to actually see yourself doing what you will have to do to achieve your goal.

This is called “rooted thinking.”

Close your eyes and imagine different activities you can take step

by step to achieve your goals.

Your subconscious mind is activated by mental images.

It then takes over

and creates all your words

and actions in accordance with a pattern consistent with the mental image.

By visualization,

you are actually pre-programming yourself for success.

The power of imagination also activates the conscious mind

and generates many mental faculties.

As you visualize,

you will begin to receive a constant stream of thoughts

and energy to achieve those goals.

The clearer the image in your mind,

the faster your subconscious

and conscious mind will come into play to make it your reality.


4 factors multiply your ability

There are four factors that determine how quickly your imagination turns into reality.

The first is the length of the imagination.

How long can you keep that image in your mind?

The second is the frequency of imagination.

How often do you keep that image in your mind every day?

The third is the intensity of the imagination.

To what extent do emotions relate

to the images you hold in your mind?

And the fourth is the sharpness of the imagination.

How clear is the mental image?

You will find that it is possible to increase the speed at

which you accomplish your goals

by applying these factors to your imagination.

You can increase the visualization time,

keep the fantasy image longer

or you can increase frequency

by visualizing your purpose for the day more often.

You can enhance the mental image

by adding emotion to it,

or you can increase the clarity and sharpness of the image.

The best way to practice these four factors is

to mentally manipulate the image

of your purpose over and over again.

The more you imagine and see the purpose as it is in reality,

the more intensely your desire to achieve it becomes.

The more you want it,

the less afraid you will be of failure,


and loss than it might be.

Creative imagination is deeply rooted

in your belief that goals are achievable.

It increases your confidence,

strengthens your courage

and instills loyalty to yourself.

The more often you bring up an image

of your desired future in your mind,

the more nothing can stop you.


Create a treasure map

There is a technique you can use

to increase your imagination called treasure maps.

This is where you create your poster

and put your purpose or even an image of yourself

in the center of this poster.

You then surround the central image with pictures

and clippings from magazines and newspapers to support

and remind you of your purpose.

Take time each day to sit and look at that poster.

Feed your mind with its positive words of excitement and images.

Let your mind record words and pictures that represent what you want to be,


or have.

Includes rich images.

Include pictures of the car you want to drive

and the house you want to live in.

Add pictures with money cutouts from magazines

and newspapers written about them.

Stick anything on the poster that can awaken your subconscious

you by memorizing images of what you want.

The more often you study your treasure map,

the faster you will accomplish your purpose and your aim will come closer to you.



You become what you think about most often.

Ralph Waldo Emerson echoed this theme

when he wrote “A man becomes what he thinks about all day long.”

In addition,

you become what you tell yourself throughout the day.

You can use its influence on your thoughts,


and attitudes by using assertive self-talk or positive affirmations.

This technique requires you to cheer

for yourself and always tell yourself assertively.

In fact, words have a very strong influence on the determination

to succeed or go to failure.

Such powerful words can raise

or lower your heart rate and blood pressure,

increase your breathing capacity,

and even change the chemistry of your blood.

They can make you happy

or sad about something for a moment.

The choice of words you use

when telling yourself to yourself can make the difference

between becoming an unshakable optimist and turning into panic.

And the choice of words you use can strongly influence you.


Avoid to be scared

people who often talk to themselves in a negative way,

95% of the things they say to themselves are related to their fears,

anxiety problems,


worries, etc. cloud.

The more you explain and justify yourself in a negative way,

the more negative you become.

Psychologists and doctors today agree that negative thinking,

always making you nauseous

and talking about things that make you unhappy,

is a major cause of depression and mental illness,

and that is completely unnecessary.

You cannot afford the luxury of negative thinking.

If you know how your thoughts can harm your health and relationships,

then you will have to resolve to think and only talk about

what you want for the rest of your life.

You should not allow yourself to do

or say anything that could negatively affect your subconscious mind.

Everything has a price to pay.


Practice speaking affirmations

To be successful,

you have to keep the words you tell yourself

to yourself and stay aligned

with the most ideal person you can be

and the most important goals you want to accomplish.

Since everything you say will be pre-programmed for your future,

it is essential that you talk about what you want

to happen instead of what can happen now.



Fear of failure is the #1 reason for failure in life in adulthood

It is not the experience of failure that holds us back.

Everyone has countless failures.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said,

“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

Thoughts or reservations about the possibility

of failure paralyze us

and cause us to give up even before we begin.

The fear of failure is expressed in the words,

“I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!”

Whenever we think of doing something that requires risk

and possibly some loss, we usually answer,

“I can’t!” These words cause an overwhelming feeling of fear,

tension, and anxiety in the body in the form

of a rapid heartbeat,

a nagging stomach,

and even a headache.

But positive affirmations can outweigh negative ones.

Psychologists have found that the words “I can do it!”

really counteract the “I can’t!” feelings,

especially when the words are repeated forcefully enough.

The words “I can do it!” is the antidote

to the fear of failure that often stifles our efforts.

From now on,

whenever you think about the great

and exciting thing you want to achieve or do,

cheer for yourself and always say to yourself,

“I can do it!”

Repeat these words whenever you feel afraid

or doubt anything you want to try.

Just say enthusiastically,

“I can do it! I can do that!”.

When you start saying,

“I can do it! I can do it!”

You make these words sink into your subconscious,

where it can instantly erase the negative emotions

that might be holding you back.


Earn 1 million dollars

Another affirmation you can use

is “I made a million! I made 1 million!”

Repeat this sentence many times,

hundreds of times when you are about to go to work every day.

Engrave this word into your subconscious

until it “remains completely inside”.

From that point on,

all mental energy will work day

and night to make this affirmation your reality.


You are the best

Whenever you think about your job,

repeat over and over,

“I am the best! I am the best!”

Combine positive words with self-image of yourself doing a great job.

Imagine you are relaxed,



and competent.

You see what you will be.


Reprogram yourself for success

When you first talk to yourself with positive words,

you may feel a little strange

or uncomfortable inside.

This feeling is completely normal.

It’s called “sensory dissonance”

and it happens whenever strange words conflict with your old programming.

But as you repeat these novel affirmations with confidence,

eventually the new affirmation will overwhelm your previous programming

and become the new “executive directive”

for your subconscious memory.

Positive whispering by repeating any one of these three affirmations

or saying something else empowers and motivates you,

changing the chemistry of your brain.

Positive words make you feel valued.

They give energy and make you much more confident.

Positive self-talk gives you complete control over your conscious mind.

These words make you feel more alert and focused.

They make you feel more empowered.

That’s why most happy,

successful people shut themselves up

and maintain positive inner affirmations.

The reward is great.



You hear people say, “You become what you eat.”

In the same way, you become what you constantly feed your mind.

The secret to programming your mind is to assert

that your outer results will gradually reflect your inner purposes

and aspirations that are nourished

by mental protein from morning to night.

To do your best, you must regularly use words,



and ideas that are consistent with your goals for financial success.

Make it a habit to think positively

and confidently about wealth accumulation.

Here are four ways to do it.

Read books about successful people

Make it a habit to read stories, books,

and articles about other successful people.

As you do,

think how much you can do like them.



fantasize and make it real in your mind

is that you are already like someone you admire

and admire most that you want

to be like that person.

Remember, everyone at the top of their field starts at the bottom.

What others have achieved

and you can achieve as well.

There are not many limits.

Psychologists have proven that role models must attract your mind

to the unique qualities and personalities you want to promote.

Choose someone you admire.

Whenever you face any difficult situation,

ask yourself,

How did this character handle the situation?

What does this person think in this case?

What does this person do in this case?

How should he behave?

You’ll see it when you think about how another person might behave,

your thinking gets better,

and you usually do your best.


Research your job and industry

Read everything you can about your job

and industry to become an expert in your field.

The more you learn about your major,


and craft,

the more confident you will become in your own ability to do it well.


Distance learning at university

Listen to instructional programs on the car radio.

In the US, people typically drive 12,000 to 25,000 miles a year.

This is equivalent to 500 to 1,000 hours per year

that the average person spends in a car.

The University of Southern California estimates you can get the equivalent

of a full-time college education just

by listening to instructional programs on the radio

while commuting to work every day by car.

You can become an expert in your field just

by listening to the radio broadcasts

of other experts in your field while riding.


Attend seminars and courses

Attend seminars (thematic seminars) presented by experts in your field.

Attending extra classes can benefit you.

Learn everything you can,

especially from the experts in your work.

Ask them at breaks.

Write a letter or e-mail them.

Read their books and articles.

A helpful seminar by experts can save you months

and even years of studying the same topics you had to learn on your own.



About 90% of your success in your field of work

and in life will be determined by your “group of friends.”

This group of people is defined as people you communicate,

work with, live together and often see each other.

Doctor David McClelland of Harvard University, in his classic work,

“The Successful Class” (Van Nostrand, 1961),

wrote as people who accept attitudes, opinions,

ways of speaking and clothing,


aspirations, and worldview belong to their circle of friends.

He found that by forming a progressive circle of friends,

there was a great change in the impact

of people’s lives and achievements.

Anytime a person can’t change

or backs off will become ineffective

and lost behavior

which is always the case

because the person has always been dealing

with the same group of people before.

Decide from now on you will only associate

with successful and positive thinkers.

You will only be close to people with ambition

and determination who are truly progressive.

Surround yourself with people

who are beyond yourself

and avoid the company of people

you neither admire nor admire.

You can’t fly with the eagle

if you keep digging with the turkeys.

Meanwhile, stay away from negative people,

especially negative thinking colleagues.

Don’t drink coffee with someone you meet by chance.

Don’t go to lunch with people standing at the door.

Don’t make friends after working

with the person who first invited you.

If you work for a negative employer,

seriously consider changing jobs.

Working in a negative environment

or with difficult people will drag you down and drain you.

If you work and have relationships with negative employers or colleagues,

that alone is enough to know for sure

that you will have an unsuccessful life,

frustration and failure.

Your life is much more valuable

than that job and relationship.



Here’s how to put your subconscious mind to work

and become a powerful money magnet.

Your subconscious mind is mostly receptive to new affirmations

and programming in the last minutes before you fall asleep

and during the first hour of the morning.

Once you exploit these advantages in 2x the time,

you dramatically increase the rate

at which you engage your mind

in affirmations that draw everything you need into your life.

Every night before you go to bed,

visualize your goals as happening in reality.

Treat your goals as if they already existed.

Imagine you are who you want to be and do what you want to do.

Think of yourself as enjoying the success you crave.

Cultivate these happy images in your mind right

before you fall asleep,

then relax and let them slip away as you drift off to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning,

immediately think of your most important purpose.

Imagine there is a secret plan in the universe

to make your dreams come true.

Start saying,

“I believe a miracle is about to happen to me today!”.



The key to visualization is to see your purpose

as if it already existed.

The subconscious mind is activated only by affirmations

and pictures being repeated in reality.

Imagine your purpose just before you go to bed

and find yourself doing your best.

See how the events of the upcoming business day progress

the way you want them to.

See yourself having the life you want to live.

See yourself having the relationships you want.

Imagine you are fit in every way.

See yourself driving your ideal car,

living in your dream home,

doing the job you love

The more you cultivate positive,

exciting images of happiness,

health, and economic success,

the quicker they will become your reality.



The final rule that can become the strongest money magnet

and lifelong success is that you have to get everything in order

from the beginning of the day.

As mentioned in the beginning,

you will become what you always think of.

You become the end result of the ideas,


and impressions you nurture in your mind

from the time you wake up in the morning

until you go to sleep at night.

Everything counts, but some impressions are worth more than others.

The thoughts you cram into your mind in the first hour

of the morning have a strong influence on how you think,


and behave for the rest of the day.

As the proverb says,

“A good start is half done.”

This proverb applies to what you read,



hear and say in the first 60 minutes

and make the most of an impression.



Up to 95% of everything you do

or say is determined by your habits,

be it good or bad.

Successful people have good habits that lead them to stick

to positive and helpful attitudes.

Unsuccessful people unknowingly develop bad habits

that cause them to behave in ways that make them fall short and fail.

Perhaps the best habit you can develop is

to start each day with a thoughtful,

helpful mindset that sets you up

for greater success later on.

Here’s how it worked for me and thousands of others,

going from poor to rich.

Determined to give it a try for 21 days

before you decide if it works for you or not.

My promise to you is that

by the time you practice these behaviors for 21 days,

your whole life story will have changed in a way

that you can’t even imagine today.

21-day practice regimen for a positive mental attitude

1. Starting tomorrow,

wake up every morning at least two hours

before you have to go somewhere

and spend the first hour reflecting on yourself.

If you exercise every morning,

do it before you train your mind.

2. Before you turn on the TV

or radio or read the newspaper,

spend about 30 to 60 minutes reading something motivating,


or educational.

Make sure the first thing you put into mind in the morning is positive,


and consistent with what you want

to happen for the day and in your life.

3. After you finish your morning reading,

take out your notebook and write down your top 10 to 15 goals

for the time being,

exactly as if you had achieved them.

Write goals such as,

“I make $100,000 per year.”

“I weigh 75 kg and have a fit body.”

“I drive a new four-door car, a dolphin gray BMW.”

“I live in a beautiful house of 325 square meters”,

and so on.

Rewrite your list of goals each morning

without looking at the goals you wrote the day before.

This is very important.

4. Plan each day in advance.

After you’ve rewritten your goals,

make a list of everything you have to do that day,

and then organize the items of value and importance in order of priority.

5. Start working on the most valuable and important tasks right away

before you do anything else.

Resolve to focus on just one task until it is completed.

When you start and finish a main task of the first thing in the morning,

you will feel energized,

elated and confident that will keep you going to other tasks

and achieve an overall increase in performance substantial for the rest of the day.

6. Listen to instructional audio programs

while you drive to and from work.

Turn on the radio to listen

to the distance learning college program while in the car.

Turn off the radio and continue

to feed your mind with high-quality intellectual nourishment

to train you and keep you motivated to do your best.

7. Finally, develop a sense of urgency.

Go at a trot, moving quickly from task to task.

Do not waste time.

The faster you move through tasks,

the more energy you have.

The faster you move through tasks,

the more you can accomplish and the more fulfilled you will feel.

The faster you move through tasks,

the more control you feel in your life

and the more you enjoy life and have more self-esteem.



The golden hour is the rudder for the day.

When you start waking up early

and investing your first hour in self-reflection,

you’ll be amazed at the difference you feel about yourself and the results you achieve.

Gradually you will change the way you think about yourself and what you can do.

You will become a money magnet

and begin to enjoy more success than your hard work.

There is no limit.



1. Create a clear picture of yourself in your mind that you have been completely successful

in every aspect of your life;

Combine this image with happy emotions

and be proud that they will complement your success.

Repeat often throughout the day this image associated

with the emotion just said.

2. Start building your own success bookcase today,

with books about success,


and the work of people you admire.

Read these books for 30 to 60 minutes a day.

3. Surround yourself with successful people optimists

and positive thinkers who have goals

and who will achieve prestige in their lives.

Ask them for advice and suggestions

and share your best ideas with them.

4. Always tell yourself in a positive way,

be your own cheerleader.

Stop being afraid of failure by repeating,

“I can do it! I can do anything I can think of!”

Hold this stance until you no longer feel afraid of anything.

5. Start each day positively by reading something that lifts you up,

and then rewrite your goals

for the time being as if they were accomplished.

Do a 21-day practice regimen for a positive mental attitude

until it becomes a habit.

6. Set a goal today to reach a $1 million net worth.

Analyze your starting point, make a long-term plan,

and set milestones for your income, savings, and investments.

Get started today to get started on that goal.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.

7. Raise your own level of striving.

Decided today to increase annual income by 50%.

Write down your goal, then make a plan to accomplish it.

Start doing it now and never give up until you succeed.

“You can have anything you want,

if your desire is strong enough.

You can be anything you want to be,

have anything you want to be,

be anything you want to accomplish,

if you keep the aspiration to one goal.”-Robert Collier

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