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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Appreciation to others

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 51: Appreciation to others

There is nothing in this world more powerful than a positive encouragement.

It can be a smile,

a sincere word of encouragement,

or a timely sharing. – Richard M. Devos


We all know how powerful

it is to believe in the abilities of others.

There is a phenomenon known

as positive prediction.

This phenomenon occurs

when we learn to trust others

and treat them like a sage;

As a result,

they will do better on any given task.

Obviously, if leaders treat their subordinates

the same way they expect them to,

the results will definitely improve a lot. – Naopleon Hill


Showing appreciation to others is essential,

and in itself brings you great joy.

We do a good deed not only

because it is the right thing to do,

but also because we ourselves feel fulfilled

when we do something useful.

A simple way to show respect

to others is to say thank you,

or send them a small thank you card. – Don M. Green


Positive emotions are an essential need in everyone’s life.

Positive emotions not only help people improve their health,

both physically and mentally,

but also act as a screen,

helping us to avoid the negative influence of afflictions

and illnesses in life.

Respect and encouragement are two basic factors

that contribute to the formation of positive emotions in each person.

If one day you become rich and powerful,

get into the habit of patting others on the shoulder

with a sincere encouragement.

In this world,

there is nothing more emotional

than seeing a ray of hope blush on the face of someone

who has just been given encouragement by you.

If you smile at the shoe boy,

your shoes will be polished more thoroughly than usual.

Even a racehorse needs caress

and encouragement to bring back the victory wreath.

Appreciating the contributions

and help of others is one of the best habits each of us

should develop for ourselves.

None of us feel regret

when saying thank you or upset

when receiving gratitude from others.

People often don’t want to show their appreciation

because they feel shy,

and this is one of their biggest mistakes.

No matter who that person is

– a partner,

friend, coworker, or stranger

– and how little that person does for you,

never forget to say thank you with a big smile.

Appreciation always gives us a high level of excitement,

helping us to feel more in love with life.

At work, respect and encouragement are the foundation

to help employees sublimate positive emotions at work.

One study found

that the main reason employees leave their jobs is

that they feel “underappreciated and appreciated”.

This is also the reason

why many people often have to work in a tired state.

If you are a leader,

know how to inspire employees

by appreciating their contributions

and promptly encouraging them to work harder.

With two “thank you” words,

you can do wonders.

People succeed not

because they are favored by fate,

but because they receive a lot of love and trust.

It is the smiles,

the warm applause,

the cheers and cheers… are the cool springs

that water our determination and the will to strive.

Life will become more beautiful,

people will be more equal if we all know how to express gratitude

after what we receive.

In addition, you should also appreciate

and be grateful for what life has to offer:

health, family, friends, opportunities…

Only by doing so will you truly feel fulfilled and happy.

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