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Brian Tracy! Goal! Activating intellectual potential

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 16: Activating intellectual potential

Subjective intelligence is completely dominated by objective intelligence.

Regardless of how subjective intelligence affects objective intelligence,

objective intelligence still governs the final result

with the highest accuracy. Thomas Troward

Imagine that you have a very strange computer.

You can program any goal or question to the calculator

and it will give you the correct answer at a given time.

This works every time.

And every answer after that turned out to be perfectly correct.

Imagine what an amazing difference this could make to your life!

The fact that you own such a computer.

You can always access and use it any time.

It is called the “superconscious mind”.

This is the most powerful tool ever discovered in human history,

and you can take advantage of this power any time you want.

Throughout this book,

I have repeated over and over again:

You will become the thing you think about most often

and “Whatever you can maintain a constant existence in your mind, you can have it”.

In addition, we have also discussed the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reciprocity,

and the importance of absolute clarity in accurately defining your goals.

In any case, I am referring indirectly to the power of the superconscious mind.



Rich people have small TVs and big libraries,

and poor people have small libraries and big TVs. ― Zig Ziglar

The superconscious mind has been known

and discussed for thousands of years, throughout human history.

In the course of human development,

it is the mystical knowledge of theologians and sages.

Access to it was limited

and was only taught to devotees in the mysterious schools of the ancient world.

It was only about 100 years ago

that knowledge of the superconscious mind became popular,

but after a while, only a few people knew it.



Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget,

and I’ll tell you what you value. ― Joe Biden

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychological healing,

has been writing about the three minds “ego”,

“instinct” and “super-ego” since 1895 and most of his work is based on it,

these three different perceptual factors.

The ‘ego’ is described as the ‘me’,

which is the part of the mind that is awake and aware,

interacting with the outside world,



and acting.

We also call the conscious mind.

What Sigmund Freud called “instinct” is the unconscious part of the mind,

or what we call the unconscious mind.

This is the “reservoir” of memory and emotions,

where all our previous thoughts,


and experiences are stored and will function automatically

as well as to control our bodies.

We both keep our thoughts

and feelings consistent with past experiences.

And what Sigmund Freud called the “super-ego”,

the third dimension of thought,

is what Ralph Waldo Emerson called the “super soul”.

Alfred Adler, Freud’s student,

called it the “unconscious set”,

and Carl Jung,

who broke away from the Freudian school,

called it the “superconscious”.

Napoleon Hill called it “Infinite Wisdom”.

Determined and asserts that almost all of the most successful people

in America have used it consistently throughout their careers

and have acknowledged its role in major breakthroughs

and achievements as much as they can achieve.

But whatever you call it, it is a perfectly universal force

that you can access at any time to achieve whatever goal you really desire,

as long as you desire, thirst for it intensely, long enough and thoroughly.



Before you speak, listen.

Before you write, think.

Before you spend, earn.

Before you invest, investigate.

Before you criticize, wait.

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try.

Before you retire, save.

Before you die, give. ― William A. Ward

All major breakthroughs in all fields throughout the history

of the alien species are the result of human superconscious thinking.

Anytime you suddenly come up with a great idea

or insight that helps to solve a problem or difficulty,

you have had a superconscious experience.

Great scientific breakthroughs,

such as the discovery of DNA

or the idea of ​​​​combining ceramics

with electricity that led to the discovery of superconductors,

were also initially superconscious.

Genius musicians have harnessed

and used their superconscious mind on a regular basis

in composing their masterpieces.

Mozart can see the whole symphony in his mind,

perfect every note,

even before he started writing it down.

The process after that is just recording the images in the mind.

Beethoven composed immortal songs

after he became deaf.

He can see and hear them in his mind

before writing out paper.

Stephen Hawking,

a physicist is disabled

and he needs a special computer to type each letter.


using his superconscious mind,

he became one of the best-selling authors in the world

with his book A Brief History of Time.

Or as Thomas Edison invented 1,093 devices that

are registered with the US Patent Office,

almost all of these inventions turned into

commercial products during his lifetime.

When he died in 1931, more than

One-sixth of the American workforce is employed in the manufacturing

and distribution of products invented by Thomas Edison.

Edison used his superconscious mind continuously to discover

and achieve historic breakthroughs in electricity,


sound recording, sound transmission,

and hundreds of other fields.

He sleeps at any time of the day

in order to reach superconscious mind to gain the profound knowledge

that underlies his numerous inventions.



If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it! ― Jonathan Winters

Your superconscious mind works best

when you achieve a calm,


and relaxed state of mind.

Whenever you relax in a state of stillness,

put your worries aside completely,


or let your mind go naturally,

that’s when your superconscious mind comes into play.

As you relax in silence and listen from within your mind,

you will begin to hear the whispers of the superconscious mind.

Your intuition is a tool equivalent

to the “supercomputer” you already know

what it does (mentioned at the beginning of the chapter).

This is your connection and connection with the superconscious mind.

Sometimes your intuition will speak to you

in such a clear echo from the silence that the ideas

or insights it brings will change your life completely.

The Greek scientist Archimedes also had a moment of superconscious outbursts

of displacement of objects while sitting in the bath.

He was so excited that he jumped out of the bathtub,

shirtless, and ran through the streets of Athens shouting “Eureka!”

(meaning “Found it!”).



We’re never in lack of money.

We lack people with dreams,

(people) who can die for those dreams. ― Jack Ma 

Your superconscious mind is stimulated by clear,

concrete goals, written down on paper,

intensely desired, frequently dreamed of,

and constantly striving to achieve.

Every time you relax, imagine, and embody a particular outcome,

you are stimulating your superconscious mind to generate ideas

and energy to accomplish your goal.

Sometimes a superconscious inspiration can excite

and energize you so much

that you can’t sleep or think about anything else.

In this case, sit back

and relax and write down every idea

and detail that comes to mind.

This often has the effect of clearing your mind

and helping you feel relieved to go back to sleep.



A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. ― Lao Tzu

The superconscious mind explains two phenomena

that you often experience throughout your life:

chance and chance.

The more you use your mind superconscious,

the more often you get

the two kinds of pleasurable experiences mentioned above.

Luck is the process of discovering the joys of life.

Every time you have a clear goal

that you envision regularly

and constantly strive to accomplish every day,

amazingly exciting events and experiences will occur in your life,

each of which seems to like helping you achieve your goals faster.

You may stumble across an article in a magazine

or hear someone say something you don’t know.

You may stumble across a TV show with the exact idea

and knowledge to solve any particular problem

or answer important questions.

You will often experience temporary difficulties or setbacks,

which are actually helpful to you.

The second phenomenon you experience is “randomness”.

This is different from the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that

everything happens for a specific reason

and there is usually a cause that can be traced from all sides.

With randomness, however,

the only relationship between two simultaneous events

is the meaning you give them based on your goals

in different areas of your life.

Here is a specific example.

You set a goal to double your income.

But the very next week,

you quit or get fired completely unexpectedly.

This looks like a real setback at first.

But soon, a friend asks you if you’re thinking

about getting a job in another field.

And according to the fact, you have read and prepared it for long time.

There’s been a lot of information about that field over the years

and you’ve been thinking about moving into the field too,

but just haven’t had the chance.

You decide to take a closer look,

identify a suitable company,

interview for a job, start working,

and a year later you suddenly find

that you are earning twice

as much as your previous job and today, love this job.

You will notice that there is no direct cause-

and-effect relationship between these separate events.

They seem to be separate in both time and space.

But they have one thing in common.

They help you accomplish the real goal

you’ve set for yourself:

double your income.



I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money. ―Pablo Picasso

You have 2 ways to activate your superconscious mind into reality.

First you focus and do actively to achieve the set goals.

Do your best in the work you are doing.

Think about it,

talk about it,

write it down,

review it daily.

Do everything you can think of

to help you achieve that goal.

When you put your mind to the action

and keep moving forward,

all the lucky events, situations

and coincidences will work in your favor.

Many resources will start popping up

from unexpected places to assist you.

You will receive phone calls or offers of support.

You will come across ideas and information

that you did not notice before.

You will have ideas and insights that

can help you accomplish your goals faster.

The second way to activate the superconscious mind is

through complete relaxation

and letting your mind think about other matters.

For example, when you go on vacation,

you are often busy with other fun activities,

so you will not think about any goals or problems.

It seems that the more you can completely relax or let loose,

both physically and mentally,

the quicker your superconscious mind will come into play

and start giving you the ideas you need.

In other words, the more you “don’t try,”

the quicker your superconscious mind will work for you.

You should try both of these methods daily.

First of all, focus fully on achieving the goal.

Dedicate 100% of your resources to problem solving.

Then, if you still haven’t achieved the breakthrough you want,

let your mind relax.

Let’s go on vacation.

Should participate in physical exercises or go to the movies.

Forget about goals for the time being.

Then, at the right time,

your superconscious mind will kick in

and the answers will appear.



The best thing money can buy is financial freedom. ― Aysa Angel

The superconscious mind will give you the answers you desire,

at the right time.

Therefore, when you receive superconscious inspiration, act immediately.

Don’t delay.

This is usually time-effective information.

If you feel an inner urge to act, do it now.

If you have a hunch about something,

focus on it right away.

It seems that the very act of following the urge

from your superconscious mind will trigger other superconscious ideas

and inspirations that can help you accomplish your goals faster.



A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else. ― George Savile

A superconscious solution usually has three properties:

• First of all, it will answer every aspect of the problem

or give you everything you need to achieve your goal.

The answer will be complete in every respect.

• Second, it will be a “flash of natural things”.

Superconscious inspiration will make you feel natural,

comfortable and perfectly suited to the situation at hand.

• Third, a superconscious solution will give you an explosion of feelings

of happiness and excitement.

It will be one of those shining moments that you will remember for a long time.

Every time you have a superconscious solution,

it comes with the energy, enthusiasm,

and motivation you need to take immediate action.

You will have an irresistible urge to deploy the solution right away.

You’ll want to stop everything else you’re doing to take action.

And you are always right.



Money is a great servant but a bad master. ― Francis Bacon

Your superconscious mind is the most powerful tool you have.

You can access and use it at any time.

You can activate and use your superconscious mind

by being absolutely clear about what you want

and then trusting calmly

and confidently that the very answer you need will come

to you at the right time that you are ready to receive.

The more you relax and trust this great power,

the better and faster it will work.

There is experience that:

People begin to become great when they begin

to listen to the voice from within“.

When you form the habit of regularly listening to your intuition

and trusting the inner voice of your mind,

you’ll probably never make another mistake again.

By manipulating the mind superconscious mind,

you will begin to bring your entire life into harmony

with this great source of power.

You will achieve goal after goal,

moving faster and faster in everything you do.

You’ll feel as though you’re connected to some huge source of energy,

allowing you to accomplish more goals, with less effort.

Think back to your life and reminisce about times

when the superconscious mind was at work.

In the past, these experiences were often random and random.

But if you create absolute clarity about your goals

and review and visualize them on a regular basis,

you can activate this superconscious power to support and control your life.



Help others achieve their dreams

and you will achieve yours.Les Brown

1. Reflect back on your life and recall a time

when you had a superconscious experience that solved a problem

or allowed you to achieve a goal.

Relive the process and think about how you can multiply that experience.

2. Choose your most important goal, a definite lofty,

lofty goal, and visualize it clearly, over

and over and over again with confidence

that it is entirely possible to become,

reality at the right time for you.

3. Begin daily practice of stillness and meditation.

During this time, let your mind relax

and wander from topic to topic until the right answer

to your question comes to mind.

4. Make it a habit to act on a superconscious idea

as soon as it pops into your mind.

Don’t hesitate. Have absolute faith

that the best can only happen when you truly believe in this possibility.

5. Try to solve the problem with full focus of your mind,

and if that doesn’t work,

let your mind think about other things.

When the time is right, the ideal solution will either emerge

from your intuition or manifest itself in your life.

6. Instead of surfing Facebook or watching comedy clips or TV shows,

visit docsach24.com to read books,

this is also an easy and inexpensive way that

brings a wealth of knowledge for you to expand your mind more only.

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