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The richest man in Babylon! 7 ways solve an empty pocket

The richest man in Babylon

Charter 3: 7 ways solve an empty pocket

The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this:

the rich invest their money and spend what is left.

The poor spend their money and invest what is left. —Robert Kiyosaki

For Babylon to become the richest kingdom in the world,

first of all,

the merits of King Sargon,

who is famous for his ability to govern the country.

After defeating the invading Alamite army,

the king found the country to be in a state of severe poverty.

He asked the court officials

about the cause of the state’s decline.

The prime minister said:

– Your Majesty,

in the past,

our subjects enjoyed a prosperous life

because you built large-scale irrigation works,

and magnificent and magnificent temples.

Those works are now completed,

people have no more work to do,

leading to no income,

so their lives fall into difficulties and misery.

– But where has all the gold

that we used to spend on these works? ‘

asked King Sargon again.

– I fear that gold has fallen into the pockets

of a few very rich people

in our kingdom.

“It doesn’t stay long in the little pockets of the poor,

but quickly goes to rest in the trunks of the rich,”

replied the chancellor.

Thus, the poor get poorer,

and the rich get richer.

The king pondered for a moment,

then suddenly asked:

– Why do only a few people earn

so much gold and become so rich?

Because only very few people know how to become rich.

“We cannot condemn a successful man

because he knows how to make a lot of money,

nor can we in the name of justice take away all his wealth,”

replied the prime minister

by the right way of working to share

with those who are less able to work than them.

– But why can’t everyone learn how to make a lot of gold

to become rich?

asked the king again.

“Your Majesty,

everyone wants to learn how to get rich to be rich,

but who can teach them these things?”

Certainly not the priests,

for they themselves are now very poor.

-Who, in our kingdom,

knows how to make the most gold and become the richest,

O vizier? – asked the king.

-Your Majesty! Surely you know,

Arkad is the man who is said to be the richest man in Babylon.

– The Prime Minister said yes.

I also heard that Arkad was the richest man in Babylon.

You summon him to see me tomorrow.

The next day,

Arkad came to see King Sargon with a confident,

well-groomed demeanor

even though he was seventy years old.

– Arkad! “Are you the richest man in this Babylon?” asked the king.

“Your Majesty,

everyone says so and I don’t see anyone objecting to it.”

Arkad replied.

– What is the secret to becoming such a rich person?

– Since I know how to seize the good opportunities that come to me,

of course all the subjects in your kingdom

still have those opportunities,

but they did not know how to seize them.

– I heard that you started your career with empty hands?

– Yes, Your Majesty!

That along with my desire to get rich too!

– Arkad! – The king said

– The people in our kingdom are falling into poverty.

Because most of them do not know how to get rich,

even when gold arrives,

they do not know how to preserve it.

My wish is for Babylon

to become the richest kingdom in the world,

and to make that happen,

our kingdom must have many rich people.


the only way is for us to teach everyone how to get rich.

O Arkad! Tell me what is the secret to becoming rich?

Can that secret be taught to everyone?

– Your Majesty,

that is a very practical request.

I am ready to impart my knowledge to everyone.

King Sargon’s eyes looked at him affectionately:

– Arkad! You just said things

that I really want to hear,

but are you dedicated to this noble deed?

Do you want to impart your knowledge

to all the teachers in the kingdom,

so that each teacher will pass it on to the other students,

until all the subjects in our kingdom know it?

Your secret to getting rich?

Arkad bowed low and said:

-My majesty!

I’m just a humble servant of your majesty to command him.

Any knowledge that I have,

I will gladly pass on to My subjects

so that they can be better

and contribute to the prosperity of the kingdom.

Please command your talented prime minister

to arrange for me a class of one hundred people,

and I will teach them seven ways

to cure flat pockets of money

that become inflated,

in the same way

that I have done to my lowly’s purse before!

Two weeks later,

as ordered by King Sargon,

a class of 100 people gathered

in the great hall of the Temple.

Practitioners sat in neat rows

and eagerly looked forward

to knowing a miracle could change their poor life into a rich life.

The lights in the Study Temple give off a special fragrance

that makes the atmosphere more sacred and solemn.

As Arkad approached the small platform,

a student whispered to his friend next to him:

– Behold, that is the richest man in the Babylonian kingdom!

He looks ordinary like many other people.

Arkad spoke up:

– As a subject always devoted to the great King Sargon,

I come here before all of you to carry out the duties entrusted

by the king.

When I was a young man,

I was very poor but always wanted a lot of gold.

And because

I know how to achieve that,

the king asked me to teach you all.

I started my career with empty hands.

My first treasure was just a tattered bag of money,

and I often grieve

because it is always empty.

I just wish it could hold a lot of money

and become heavy.

Over a long period of time,

I have found seven cures for my flat bag.

Now, every day I will explain one of the seven ways to help you,

who always want to get rich,

know how to get rich.

Please listen attentively

and discuss what I am going to say below

so that you can understand these lessons thoroughly.

This is when you start to plant the seeds

of wealth in your pocket.

After the course,

in my opinion,

everyone should first apply this knowledge

to build a rich career for themselves,

then can teach others.

Let’s start with the first treatment.


1st way: Accumulate at the rate of 2/10

Arkad asked a contemplative man in the second row:

– Hey dear friend!

Where are you working now?

– It’s me! I am working in an engraver.

The person replied.

– You are in a good condition to get rich.

In the past,

I also started my career getting rich

by doing the same job as you.

Arkad asked the rather chubby man in the fourth row:

– Please tell me,

what job do you currently do for a living?

– Me? Currently I am a butcher.

I bought goats and sheep

and then slaughtered them

and brought them to the market to sell,

and the skins were sold to shoemakers.

– Because he has a career and generates income,

his chances of getting rich are also very high.

– Arkad said.

In such a way,

Arkad in turn learns what each person is doing

and what their income is.

When asked, Arkad said:

– Any! Students,

you must have noticed one thing that careers

and jobs are the ways to help us make money,

and each way of making money

is the way to create the flow of gold.


, each worker can transfer gold into his or her pocket,

and that flow is large

or small depending on his

or her ability to work,

isn’t that right?

Everyone answered the same way.

– Then, if each of you wishes to create a rich inheritance,

the wisest thing is to know how to control the flow of gold,

which is already in your hands, right?

Arkad continued.

This point is also fully agreed by everyone.

Next, Arkad turned to a practitioner

who had previously claimed to be an egg trader and asked:

– If every morning,

you put ten eggs in the basket,

in the afternoon only take out 9 eggs.

So what do you think will happen?

– Then after a while the basket will be full of eggs.

The egg merchant replied.

– Why?

– Because every day the number of eggs

I put in is more than the number of eggs I take out.

Arkad looked back at the classroom with a wry smile,

then suddenly asked:

– Who is the owner of a flat pocket here?

Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment,

then they both laughed

and held up their empty bags.

Arkad continued:

– Now, I will tell you the first way to cure flat pockets.

That is, you should do exactly

as I suggested to the egg dealer:

“For every time you put 10 usd in your pocket,

you should only take out 8usd to spend”.

Over time,

your bag will look like a basket of eggs.

It will be filled with gold coins.

It is the most effective cure for a flat pocket

and the simplest way to become rich.

Don’t make fun of what I just said

because you think it’s too simple.

Like I said,

I’m just passing on to you the ways that made me rich,

and this is how I started to get rich for myself.

I’m serious about saving a twenty percent of my money

in my life inside pocket

and noticed that the amount of money

I had gradually increased.

If you do,

then I guarantee your pockets will swell too.

But you should note that,

every time your pocket is rich with a little money,

your shopping and spending desires will rise.

In this case,

you should consider the loss before buying any item.

Friend will do that by asking:

“What is my greatest desire in life?

Do the jewelry,

the beautiful clothes fulfill my long-term desires?

Is it the only way to own a lot of gold and silver,

land and investments that bring long-term returns

to ensure a prosperous life in the future?

Surely you have realized what are the assets

that really bring you wealth.

As I said, this was the first cure I discovered

and applied to my flat pocket:

“Put twenty bucks in your pocket,

and only take out eight bucks to spend.”

Let’s discuss this with each other and if anyone proves it wrong,

let me know tomorrow.


2rd way: Control your spending

On the second day,

a practitioner questioned Arkad:

How can I keep a twenty of the money in my pocket,

while all the money I earn is

still not enough for me to spend on daily necessities?

Arkad did not answer,

but asked instead:

– How many of you had a flat bag of money yesterday?

– All of us. – Everyone answered at the same time.

Arkad calmly said:

– As far as I know, different occupations,

the amount of income is also different.

Some people earn double

or triple the income of others every month.

But why is everyone’s pocketbook flat in the end?

So, have you ever wondered about what we often call

necessary expenses in daily life”

You should not confuse the necessary expenses in life

with those spent by personal preferences.

In fact, you yourself

and other members of your family often want

to buy things you like,

not the necessities of life.

And these expenses may be beyond your ability to pay.

I can be sure that it is almost impossible for you

to satisfy all your desires.

With my fortune,

do you think I can buy everything I want?

It’s a mistake to think.

I still have some limitations that money can’t help,

such as time,



even some food,

hobbies that I enjoyed so much,

now I can’t enjoy them anymore.

As far as I understand,

human desires are endless,

and we can only satisfy some desires for ourselves.

So, carefully consider your spending habits.

You will find that some expenses can be reduced

or eliminated without affecting your daily life.

And so it’s not too difficult to stick

to the principle of keeping two-tenth

of your money in your pocket.

In my experience,

you should list the items you intend to buy on the clay plate,

then pick a few essentials for life

and fit your nine-tenths amount.

As for the items

according to your preferences,

you should boldly cross them out

and see them as thousands of other things

that you cannot meet for yourself.

Arkad said here,

suddenly a practitioner wearing a pretty red robe stood up

and asked permission to say:

– I am a freedom-loving person.

I believe

that I have the right to enjoy all the good things in life.

Therefore, I oppose the dependence on having to plan spending

and being forced to spend,

what to spend.

I felt that I needed to live comfortably,

by fulfilling all my desires.

If not, I will always live in a miserable,

tormented mood.

Arkad replied:

– Dear friend, who can plan your spending?

– I just want to be myself!

– Here, the purpose of spending planning

is to rationalize expenditures

so that they both

meet the essential needs in life and save money.

This plan also helps you to recognize

what are legitimate desires

and which are transient desires,

and identifies the causes of money loss

and prevents it by controlling spending.

If you want to live comfortably,

you need to plan your expenses right now.


in the future you will face more suffering and torment.

This is the second cure for a flat pocket:

“Planning your expenses now will help you meet your needs,

enjoy the joys of life,

satisfy legitimate desires

and secure an adequate life in the future”.


3rd way: Make gold profitable

On the third day, Arkad said:

– To keep your wallet always rich,

you need to seriously make a savings of two-tenth

of the money you earn.

Next, you control your spending to ensure

that more money is put in when taking out.

Today, you will look at how to make gold profitable.

If you keep it in your pocket,

gold cannot be profitable.

So how do you make gold profitable?

My first investment failed,

I lost all my savings for a year.

In the second investment,

I was fortunate to share the profits

from lending Aggar my money.

This is the first time I know how to make gold profitable.

To make a shield,

every year Mr. Aggar had to buy copper

from people from far away to sell.

Because Aggar did not have enough money to pay them immediately,

Aggar had to borrow.

After that, in the following times,

I always lent Mr. Aggar the principal and interest.

Therefore, not only the amount of capital is profitable,

but even the profit has also earned me a large amount.

And so the amount of money returned

to my pocket increased a lot.

Here I want to emphasize that a person’s wealth is

not only based on the money in his pocket,

but what is more important to note

is the amount of his annual income.

Starting with a small amount of capital,

I expanded the loan and loaned to many people.

It also means that the amount of money

I lend is constantly growing up to hundreds

of different sources of capital,

just like gold constantly flowing into my pocket.

Therefore, every year I have a profit,

great news,

so great that I was soon called the richest man in Babylon.

Well, from every single penny I earn,

I turn it into a bunch of gold slaves who work for me.

And because they work for me,

their children and grandchildren also work for me.

We can say, a coin is really a seed

that grows into a rich tree

and produces tens of thousands of fruits.

About getting rich,

I am very interested

and will tell you a true story later.

Number is when I was young,

I was acquainted with a farmer couple.

They just had a beautiful first son.

The father wanted his son

to grow up to have some business capital,

so he lent the borrower ten silver coins.

He asked this person to keep the interest

until the child was twenty years old.

The borrower agrees to the agreement every four years,

the amount of interest will be one quarter

of the principal amount.

When the son was twenty years old,

the farmer went to the borrower to ask for his money.

The borrower said that from the first ten dong,

by then the farmer had thirty and a half dong,

including capital and interest.

Hearing that,

the farmer was very pleased,

and because the child still did not need the money,

he let the borrower borrow the money again.

By the time the son was fifty years old,

the farmer died,

the loan amount had reached one hundred and sixty-seven dong.

Thus, within fifty years,

compared to the amount of capital spent,

the amount of money collected has been

nearly seventeen times larger.

This is the third cure:

“Every silver coin is like a slave working hard for you.

Then their children,

grandchildren and great-grandchildren also work for you,

making your money constantly increase,

your fortune grows stronger and stronger.”


4th way : Secrets of property preservation

On the fourth day of the study, Arkad said:

– Once you own money,

you must know how to take care of it,

otherwise it will quickly disappear

due to your fleeting desires.

First, you have to learn

how to protect small amounts of money,

then you can keep big ones.

People who already have a little gold often want to try their luck

by making investments

that can bring big profits,

but do not pay attention to the principle

of safety when investing.

This can lead to the loss of capital.

In my experience,

before embarking on a certain job,

it is best to learn carefully about the job

and always remember that

Every decision requires the safety of your capital.

Don’t let the immediate desires of the moment fascinate you,

or let the mood of wanting to get rich quickly cloud your mind,

because this carries a very high risk.

Before lending your property to anyone,

you must make sure that person has the ability to repay it.

You must take the person’s reputation,

income ability and job to ensure.

Or when deciding to invest capital,

you have to anticipate possible dangers

and how to deal with it satisfactorily.

My first investment was a great tragedy at the time,

resulting in all my savings for a year being lost.

Therefore, I advise you to learn from my first lesson.

Never subjectively believe in your half-knowledge

to entrust your wealth

to the investment trap set up by yourself.

It is better to consult people

who have a lot of experience in using money profitably.

Such advice does not cost money to buy,

but saves you from losing investments or losing capital.

Those tips are worth the money you’re prepared to invest.

This is the cure,

the fourth value is of great importance in getting rich.

For business investment,

this method helps you preserve

and develop money instead of the risk of losing it all.

“Protect and grow your assets by investing in safe,

trusted places,

with the highest possible return.”

You should consult

with experienced people and trust that advice,

so that gold can be most profitable.

Let their advice protect your assets,

avoiding the risk of losing capital

or not getting a profit due to investing in the wrong place.


5th way : Determined to own a home

– If you spend nine-tenths of your income on the needs of life

and save the rest in savings,

it is the wisest investment to ensure a stable source

of income in the future.

‘ said Arkad on the morning of the fifth day of school.

Pausing for a moment,

he continued:

– Most of the people in Babylon had only enough money

to live in squalid neighborhoods.

And although they have to pay quite high rent,

the house they live in is not spacious and clean.

Their children could only play on the dirty paths

and the wives could not grow anything

to improve the family’s meager meals.

Such a life cannot be called comfortable and happy.

In this case,

the best thing

I can advise you is to have a house of your own

so that everyone in the family can comfortably reside

and freely perform tasks to support daily life better.

In my opinion,

money lenders are usually willing

to help those who want a house and land of their own.

You can borrow money

or use the accumulated money to build a house.

Then, your whole family can live happily

and happily in their own house.

Wives can grow more fruits

and vegetables to improve their meals,

your children will be able to play in clean and safe places.

Then, you can work with complete peace of mind

to pay off your debt,

which could be two years,

four years,

or ten years,

for example.

This job is like paying your monthly rent.

But from here on,

your life has turned to a better new page,

because you own a valuable property

and have all your rights to the house.

When you have a house,

you can in some way reduce some other petty expenses,

make the money you make more abundant

and can meet other requirements,

contributing to improving the standard of living.

This meaning is the fifth cure:

“Be determined to own a house,

because then you can accumulate money

and have better conditions

to make profitable investments.


The difference between successful people

and really successful people

is that really successful people say no to almost everything. — Warren Buffett

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