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4 best way to remember 90% what you need!

Of all of us, try to ask who does not want to have a good memory, a good mind helps you to be more comfortable, more successful in work and life. Or whether you want to learn a foreign language, learn to play music, or play sports. Memorizing or taking notes in a notebook or in a file is a common way of remembering, but this is not an effective way to learn in all cases, for example, you need to read a few hundred pages of content, specialized words, read a lot. Not sure what to understand for a long time, let alone memorize them.

Or for example, every day our brains access a lot of information, the amount of memorization every day and so on is increasing, what is the solution? Today, I share with you 4 ways to remember 90% of what you need: The first is “look”, when you determine that you need to remember something, you make a strong impression on your brain by combining the event with an illustration, taking a picture of it, giving the brain 2 seconds to remember. For example, you need to remember where the key is today, before you put the key away, you should look at the key for 2 seconds, depict the scene, the image of the key at that time.

Our body has 2 ears, close to the brain, so when you receive information by listening, do not hesitate to take notes of information and events in books, in files, especially positive information, to We reread them every now and then, and don’t let things slip away with time.
Next is the approach to information by analysis, whatever you approach with your eyes, ears, if you can combine the images, sounds, and the brain analyzes, interprets the information in such a way. understand, your analysis will follow you for a long time.

For example, if I read something good, I like it, I take notes, translate it back to my understanding, if I copy and paste it on paper or take notes, I forget them very quickly. Every morning I often read and learn a few new things, the right brain needs a sense of sublimation, the left brain slows down, learns, and I don’t forget to drink coffee or accept whatever I like, access. The new one is lighter. The taste of cafe  awakens or the sweet taste of cake, stimulates the feeling of remembering information longer.

When we go to school, we look and listen to the teacher teaching, you passively approach that information, gradually over time, we will forget everything we have been taught. Instead, you learn with vivid visualization, add color on the content, combine 2 headsets with the imagination of the content scene, observe your surroundings and analyze information, take notes and interpret the content from an angle. look how you feel, the content can follow you for a long time. Or if you forget, when you open the book, information, scenes, events will live in your mind.In other words when you go to school, you put in time, effort and money, or when you need to improve your skills or your daily life work, you really need a wise memory, to do that, requires you to form positive habits for the brain right now.


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