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Brian Tracy! The 21 principles of success are the key to achieving success

This book is the accumulation of 15 years of my own research,

teaching, and experience on the topic of becoming a millionaire from nothing.

These pages contain important ideas and strategies

that I discovered while reading hundreds of books

and thousands of articles on getting rich.

These ideas and strategies are presented in a simple,


proven way so you can learn

and apply them right away.

When I was a teenager,

growing up in Pomona,


my family never had much money.

So my dream, my aspiration is to become a millionaire when I’m 30.

I’m sure many people have similar dreams.

However, by the time I turned 30,

I was still the same empty pocket

as I was when I was 20.

Then I did the thing that changed my life.

I began to ask:

Why are some people more successful than others?

In particular,

I want to know how people start from nothing

and eventually become millionaires?

This question inspired me to find the answer and write this book.

I focused on the self-made millionaires

who made their careers because of their distinctive observable

and measurable qualities and behaviors.

They started from scratch

and miraculously crossed the million-dollar mark

as a result of the inevitable.

What I’ve learned is that to be successful in life,

you have to be a special type of person.

To rise above the majority,

you must develop qualities and principles

of discipline that the average person does not have.

The most important factor in achieving financial success is not money.

The deciding factor here is that you have

to become the one who makes money and holds it.

The 21 principles of success are the key

to achieving success in all areas of your life,

not just whether you make a lot of money or not.

These principles are so effective

that you can apply them to accomplish anything you want.

You will find that there are many methods and skills close to you,

because they have been discovered for hundreds of years.

I see myself above all as a successful student,

a reader,

a researcher,

a musician,

a teacher with great ideas,

rather than an inventor of new concepts.

I believe in the biblical statement:

“There is nothing new under this sun.”

Since you’re reading this book,

I know one of your great goals in life is to be an extraordinary person,

to realize more, more of your true potential.

Each success principle will help you move faster to the beautiful life ahead.

Enjoy your journey.

Brian Tracy

August 2000

To my beloved son, David – excellent student,

great businessman and future millionaire


Chapter 1 Causal law

What you are about to learn can change your life.

These ideas, insights,

strategies have brought financial success to millions men and women,

young and old,

rich and poor.

These principles are simple,


and easy to apply.

They have been tested

and proven many times

and they will work for you too

if you know how to embrace them and apply them to your life.

We are living in the greatest moment in human history.

More and more people are becoming rich,

starting with nothing.

Currently in the US there are about 7,000,000 millionaires,

most of which are self-made,

and this number increases from 15% to 20% every year.

We have hundreds of millionaires

and over 200 self-made billionaires.

We have never seen

so many rich people in human history.

The great thing is, nearly everyone starts from scratch.

More than 90% of people

who become rich started with nothing.

On average, these self-made millionaires have gone bankrupt

or near bankruptcy 3.2 times.

The most successful people often fail many times

before they find the motivation to succeed.

Hundreds, thousands,

millions of people have done it and you will too.

The immutable law of human fate is the law of cause and effect.

This law is simple but powerful.

According to this law,

every particular effect has a cause,

and every action causes a reaction.

According to this law,

success is not an accident.

Financial success is the result of certain actions,

one after another,

until you achieve the financial independence you desire.

Nature is inherently a neutral.

The natural world, the market,

the society doesn’t care who or what you are.

The law of cause and effect says

that if you do what others have done successfully,

you will also achieve the same results as them.

And if you do nothing,

you will have nothing.

According to the law of cause and effect,

when you learn the secrets of becoming a millionaire

and apply them in life,

you will achieve results

and get rewards far beyond what you have ever had.

Here is an important point that you should remember.

No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you.

I repeat.

No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you.

One of the big reasons you don’t achieve financial success is

that you believe others are doing better than you.

This is not correct.

In fact, most millionaires were once ordinary people with average education,

working ordinary jobs,

living in neighborhoods with average living standards,

in average houses and driving average cars.

But they find out what financially successful people do,

and they do the same things until they get the same results.

It’s not a mystery and it’s not a coincidence.

When you think and act like millionaires do,

you will achieve the same results.

Simply put, this is the result of the law of cause and effect.

Here are 21 successful self-made millionaires.

Each of these principles is essential to becoming a millionaire.

Simply failing to apply any of these principles can sabotage,

or even destroy,

your chances of achieving prosperity,


and health.

The great thing is that you can learn each principle by practicing it over and over

until it becomes as natural as breathing.

Just like learning to ride a bicycle or learning to drive a car,

you can learn these success principles and apply them to your life.

There are no limits other than the one you set for yourself by your thoughts.

Now let’s get started.


1. Dream big dreams

Dream big dreams,

only big dreams have the power to move people’s souls. — Marcus Aurelius

The first secret to becoming a millionaire is simple:

Dream big dreams.

Allow yourself to dream.

Imagine a life you love.

Think about how much money you want to earn and have in your bank account.

All great people started with a dream of something good

and different from what they have now.

You probably know the lyrics of this song:

You must have dreams if you want dreams to come true“.

This is true for you and for anyone.

Imagine there are no limits to what you can achieve,

have or do in life.

Right now, imagine you have all the time,




friends, relationships,

resources and everything you need to get what you want in life.

If you had unlimited potential,

what kind of life would you aspire to create for yourself and your family?

Practice thinking “back from the future”.

This is an effective method that active people practice continuously.

This is a thought that has a surprising effect on your mind and behavior.

That thinking applies here:

plan yourself for the next 5 years.

Imagine the 5 years you have passed

and how wonderful every aspect of your life is right now.

What was that life like?

We are self-made millionaire

What are you doing?

Founder of Angel shop system in Bangladesh

Where are you working?

Angel shop system in Bangladesh, Indian

How much money are you earning?

200.000 USD per year

How much money do you have in your account?

180.000 USD per year

What lifestyle do you currently have?

Finance Freedom

Create your own vision of a long-term future.

The clearer your vision for health,


and finances,

the faster you will achieve them.

When you create a clear mental picture of where you are going in life,

you will become more positive,


and determined to make it happen.

You unleash your natural creativity

and go from idea to idea to help you make your vision come true.

You always tend to move towards your dominant dreams,

images and visions.

The very act of allowing you

to dream big dreams increases your self-esteem

and helps you feel more loved and respected.

It completes your self-image

and boosts your confidence,

self-esteem and happiness.

Dreams and visions will attract and encourage you

to do better than you had before.

Here comes a big question that needs you

to constantly ask and answer:

What would I dare to dream

if I knew I couldn’t fail?

If you could guarantee success in any goal in life,

big or small,

short term or long term, what would it be?

What big goal would you dare to dream

if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Whatever that goal is, write it down on paper

and begin to imagine that you’ve achieved it.

Then look back at your present moment.

What will you do to get to your desired destination?

Finance freedom

What steps do you need to go through?

Max incomes, min expenditure,

discover opportunity to invest

What will change your life?

Our incomes daily

What will you start with or give up?

Deposit incomes and invest land

Who is with you?

My love wife

Who is not with you?

Negative person

If every aspect of your life were perfect,

what would it be?

Very amazing

Whatever you do to make a difference,

you need to take the first step today.

We are self-made millionaire

We must think, do as

Dreaming big dreams is the starting point for you

to achieve your goal of financial independence.

The number one reason people don’t achieve financial success

is that they never think they can.

So they never tried.

They never started.

They continue to fall into a financial vicious circle,

spending everything they can earn.

But as you begin to dream big dreams of financial success,

you begin to change the way you view yourself and your life.

You start making a difference, step by step,

until your whole life gets better.

Dreaming big dreams is the starting point for financial success

and the starting point for you to become a millionaire.



Make a list of everything you would do

or try to achieve if you were certain you would succeed.

The best cashier right now

The best husband

The best father

Sell is service

Customer is God

Positive mindset

Customers give me 400 tips daily

I am the richest man in Bangladesh

I am finance freedom

I open Angel shop system in Bangladesh, Indian

Then decide on a specific action and execute it immediately.


2. Give clear instructions

A person with a clear purpose will make progress

even on the most bumpy road.

A person without purpose makes no progress

even on the flattest path. — Thomas Carlyle

Let your dreams manifest into clear,


written goals.

Perhaps the greatest discovery in human history is the philosophy

You become what you spend most of your time thinking about”.

There are two factors that, more than anything,

determine what happens to you in life:

what you think and how you think about it.

Successful people spend all their time thinking about their goals.

As a result, they are constantly working towards their goals,

and those goals are constantly working towards them.

No matter what you spend all your time thinking about,

it grows in your life.

If you are thinking, talking,

and imagine your goal,

then you will tend to accomplish it faster than people who only think

and talk about their worries and problems. 

Here is a seven-step method for setting

and achieving goals that you can use to become a millionaire:

First, determine exactly what you want in each area of ​​your life,

especially in the financial area.

Most people don’t do this.

Second, write down that goal clearly and specifically.

As you write your goals down on paper,

you’ll find a surprising twist between thinking and writing.

Third, give each goal a deadline.

Have a backup deadline if that’s a big goal.

Create your own goals.

Fourth, make a list of the things you need

to do to achieve each goal.

As soon as you have new ideas,

add them to this list until it’s complete.

Fifth, turn the list above into an action plan.

Determine what to do first,

what to do later,

what is more important,

what is less important.

Sixth, start implementing the plan immediately.

You will be surprised how many great goals

and plans never come true because of your procrastination.

Seventh, and perhaps the most important step,

is to do everything every day to bring you closer

to your most important goal.

Taking care of your daily actions will help you achieve great success

in whatever area you want to accomplish.

Year Source  Ringgit VND
January-23 Start                                    50,000                                                257,500,000
December-23 90% Tips (200 Ringgit*28 days*12 months)                                    60,480                                                311,472,000
December-23 Gold profit 10% of 50,000 Ringgit                                      5,000                                                  25,750,000
December-23 Capital of wife                                    65,020                                                334,853,000
January-24 Start                                  180,500                                                929,575,000
December-24 90% Tip 250 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                    75,600                                                389,340,000
December-24 Land profit 20% of 180,500 Ringgit                                    36,100                                                185,915,000
January-25 Start                                  292,200                                            1,504,830,000
December-25 90% Tip 280 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                    84,672                                                436,060,800
December-25 Land profit 20% of 292,200 Ringgit                                    58,440                                                300,966,000
January-26 Start                                  435,312                                            2,241,856,800
December-26 90% Tip 280 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                    84,672                                                436,060,800
December-26 House profit 20% of 435,312 Ringgit                                    87,062                                                448,371,360
December-26 Income from house 500 Ringgit *10 months                                      5,000                                                  25,750,000
January-27 Start                                  612,046                                            3,152,038,960
December-27 90% Tip 300 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                    90,720                                                467,208,000
December-27 House profit 20% of 612,046 Ringgit                                  122,409                                                630,407,792
December-27 Income from house 1,000 Ringgit *10 months                                    10,000                                                  51,500,000
January-28 Start                                  835,176                                            4,301,154,752
December-28 90% Tip 300 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                    90,720                                                467,208,000
December-28 House profit 20% of 835,176 Ringgit                                  167,035                                                860,230,950
December-28 Income from house 1,200 Ringgit *10 months                                    12,000                                                  61,800,000
January-29 Start                              1,104,931 Millionaire


Here, do the following exercise.

Write the phrase “Goals” at the top of the page with the current date.

Then list 10 goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

Write your goals in sentences in the present tense,

even if a year has passed and you have achieved them.

Begin writing each goal with the word “I” to imply

that it is a goal that is specific to you.

By listing 10 goals for the next year,

you put yourself in a separate group of people

who make up only about 3% of society.

Because the sad reality is that up to 97% of people

never make a list of goals in their life.

Once you’ve established 10 goals,

review each one and ask yourself:

Which of the goals on this list, if achieved,

would have the most positive impact on my life?

Regardless of your answer,

circle that goal and make it your number one,

most important goal in the future.

Set a deadline,

make an action plan,

and do everything every day to get closer to that goal.

From now on,

think and talk about that goal at any time.

Think and talk about how you can achieve that goal.

Think and talk about different steps you can take to make your goal a reality.

This exercise will stimulate your creativity,

and your hidden potential.



Always think on the page.

Sit down, write down your goals

and make a plan to achieve them.

This exercise has make you a millionaire.

Deposit 5000 ringgit per month

Associate with my wife

We are the founders of the Angel shop system


3. Consider yourself an owner

I am the captain at the helm of my soul;

I am the master of my destiny. — William Henley

From now on,

take 100% responsibility for what you have and will have.

Do not give reasons

or blame others

for your troubles and shortcomings.

Stop complaining about the things you find unsatisfactory in your life.

Do not criticize others for anything.

You are responsible for yourself.

If there’s something in your life that you don’t like,

it’s your responsibility to change it.

You are responsible for yourself.

The top 3% of Americans always consider themselves their own boss,

no matter who pays them.

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking

you’re working for someone else,

not yourself.

You are always on your own.

No matter where you are working now,

you are the director of your personal service corporation.

When you consider yourself a boss,

you develop an entrepreneurial spirit,

the spirit of independent,


self-starter individuals.

Instead of waiting for something to happen,

make it happen.

Think of yourself as the person in full responsibility

for your health,







and everything that exists in your life.

This is the mindset of a self-made millionaire.

People who hold themselves accountable are results-oriented.

They are always active.

They are willing to take on the task

and always ask to take more responsibility.

As a result,

they become the most valued person in the organization.

They are always prepared to hold positions

of greater power and responsibility in the future.

You should do the same.

The question is:

If you were the company’s director for a day

and were solely responsible for the results,

what would you decide to change immediately?

Whatever it is,

write it down,

plan it,

and do it now.

This action can change your life.



Identify the good reasons

why you are not fully committed to your financial goals.

I have 100% responsible for my life and my assets

Do you blame someone

or something for holding you back in life?

Whatever it is, take full responsibility

for your life and take action now.


4. Do what you love

When you start doing things you really love,

you’ll feel like you don’t have to work a day in your life. — Brian Tracy 

Doing what you truly love is one of the biggest secrets to financial success.

One of the most important responsibilities in life is

that you must find what you truly love,

the area in which you have a natural talent,

and then focus your whole mind on doing it in the best way.

Millionaires are all people

who have found an area where their strengths

and their talents are exactly

what the job requires and they achieve the desired results

Most millionaires say they “never had to work a day in their lives”.

You have to find an area you are really passionate about,

a job or an area that you absolutely enjoy,

focus all your attention,

is a natural demonstration of your special talents and abilities.

When you do what you truly love,

you will find yourself filled with energy,


and ideas to do it better.

Here’s the question:

if you made a million dollars (tax-free) tomorrow,

what would you continue to do tomorrow?

This is a big question.

Simply put, what would you do

if you had all the time and money you needed

and were free to choose your career?

Millionaires, if they had a million dollars,

they would keep doing what they’re doing.

Only they will do things differently

or better or to a higher degree.

But they love their job so much that they would never think of giving it up.

Perhaps the greatest responsibility in life as an adult,

when you are faced with so many different career choices,

is to find what you truly love and give your all for it.

And no one else but you can do this for you.



Identify the type of work you like best.

What activities have contributed the most to your success in life by far?

Make all customers are the very important person in my shop

If you could do any job and be successful there,

which job would you choose?

Set it as a goal, make a plan and start working towards it today.


5. Committed to Perfection

The quality of your life will be determined

by the depth of your commitment to perfection,

whichever field you choose. — Vince Lombardi

Tackling today is the best for what you can do.

Set a goal for yourself to become the top 10% in your field,

whatever it is.

This decision will help you succeed,

great success in your work, can become a turning point in your life.

Nearly all successful people excel in their chosen field.

Remember that no one can do better

than you and no one is smarter than you.

Everyone in the top 10% today started

from the people in the bottom 10%.

All the people who are doing well in their current jobs

have done poorly in the past.

All of the top people in their fields have worked

in other fields for a while.

And with countless others doing well,

so can you.

Here’s a great rule for success:

Your life is only better when you do better.

And since there’s no limit to how much better you can be,

there’s no limit to how much better you can make your life.

The determination to achieve perfection,

to be in the top 10% of the people in your field,

is the turning point in your life.

This is the key to success.

It is also the foundation for your confidence,

self-esteem and pride in yourself.

When you really do well at what you do,

you will feel great about yourself.

Excellence at work affects your entire personality

and relationships with others.

You will feel happy and proud when you know

that you are among the leaders in your field.

This is one of the most important questions you must ask yourself

and answer between now and the end of your career:

What skill,

if I develop and use it perfectly,

will have the greatest impact?

The most positive impact on my life?

You may not be good at everything right now,

but you can identify a skill that is most useful to you,

and then focus your whole mind on it,

effort to develop that skill.

Set it as a goal. 

We get the wonderful tips daily

Write out.

150 at day shift and 200 at night shift

Set deadline.

End 2022, we have 50.000 ringgit in bank account


We deposit 80% our incomes,

deposit first then spend rest.

And every day strive to do better in that area.

We count and be happy with total incomes daily

You will be amazed at the difference your determination

to succeed can make.

This determination will make you a millionaire in your career.



Identify the areas where you are primarily responsible in your current job.

Make all my customers fell happy, pleasure and happy

What parts of your job do you have to actively perform well

in order to help you become a leader in your field?

Where are your strengths and weaknesses?

Make a plan so that you develop the skills

that will help you achieve the most success.


6. Work longer, work harder

The harder I work, the more luck I get. — James Thurber

All self-made millionaires work a lot, a lot, and a lot.

They often start work earlier,

work harder and stay in the office later.

They are the most famous of the hardest working in their field.

And everyone knows that.

Let’s practice the “40 +” formula. According to this formula,

you work 40 hours a week to survive,

what you do over 40 hours is to achieve success.

If you only work 40 hours (average is about 35 hours)

then all you do is just to survive.

You will never go beyond.

You will never achieve great financial success.

You will never be appreciated and respected by your colleagues.

You will forever be just a regular worker

with 40 hours of work per week.

But every hour beyond your 40 hours is an investment in your future.

In fact, you can tell exactly where you’ll be in the next 5 years

by looking at the number of overtime hours

you work in addition to the 40 hours you work per week.

There’s no substitute for working harder here.

American millionaires work an average of 59 hours a week.

A lot of people work 70 or 80 hours,

especially those just starting out in their careers.

They work an average of 6 days a week,

instead of an average of 5 days a week,

and their workdays are longer.

If you want to make a phone call to a millionaire,

call the office before and after normal business hours.

They were in the office

when their “office hours” colleagues arrived

and were still there when their co-workers left.

Here’s an important rule: work all the time you work.

When you work, don’t waste time.

When you get to the office,

sit down and get to work right away.

When people want to talk to you, find an excuse and say,

“Sorry, I have to get back to work.”

Don’t waste time cleaning,

calling friends,

chatting with coworkers, or reading the newspaper.

Please work during the entire working time.

From now on you become the hardest worker in the company.

This will help you get the attention of people

who can help you faster no matter what you do.



Make a plan today to increase your working hours each day.

Get to the office an hour earlier

and get to work right away.

Work during your lunch break even

when others have already taken a break.

I love my job, I am the best cashier

Stay in the office an hour later.

This strategy will double your work capacity

while only working two extra hours a day.


7. Lifelong learning

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field. — Denis Waitley

You have almost endless possibilities

to learn and improve in your chosen field.

You have more intelligence, abilities,

and wisdom than you would ever use

if you strive to develop yourself for the rest of your life.

You are smarter than you imagine.

There’s no obstacle you can’t overcome,

there’s no problem you can’t solve,

there’s no goal you can’t achieve by applying the power of your intellect to each situation.

But your mind is like a muscle,

it only grows when it is used.

Just as you have to stretch your muscles to develop them,

you must also exercise your mental muscles to develop your mind.

The good news is that the more you learn,

the more you can learn.

It’s like the more you play sports,

the better sports you get.

The more you strive for lifelong learning,

the easier it will be for you to learn.

Leaders are inquisitive.

Continuous learning is the key to the 21st century.

Lifelong learning is the minimum requirement for any success in any field.

Decide today that you will be a good student in your field,

and you will continue to learn and get better throughout your life.

There are three important principles that you can learn for a lifetime.

The first, you must spend at least 30 to 60 minutes a day reading about your niche.

Reading is a way to exercise the mind,

just like exercise with the body.

Read an hour a day,

finish a book a week.

If you read one book a week,

you will read 50 books a year

and 10 years you will read 500 books.

Since the average adult doesn’t read one book a year,

when you start reading one hour a day,

one book a week,

this gives you a huge advantage.

You will become one of the smartest, best,

highest-paid people by simply reading for an hour a day.

The second is that you listen to radio programs while you drive.

The average person sits in a car about 500 to 1000 hours a year,

which equates to 12 to 24 hours per week,

which equates to three to six months of work

and one to two semesters at a university.

Turn your car into a learning machine,

into a university.

Never drive a car without turning on the educational program to listen.

A lot of people become millionaires

by learning through radio shows.

This is why radio programming is often called the greatest educational breakthrough

since the invention of the printing press.

The third is to participate in courses and seminars

that you find can help you improve your competence in your field.

The combination of books, radio shows,

and seminars will save you hundreds

of hours and thousands of dollars and

years of hard work to achieve the level of financial success

that you won’t be able to achieve.

You desire.

Make a commitment today to become a lifelong learner.

You will be surprised at the impact it has on your career.

Lifelong learning can be the key to becoming a millionaire.



Choose a topic that can help you be more productive,

more effective in your field.

Set a goal to become an expert in that subject.

This is positive mindset in all situations.

Make it a “do it yourself” project.

Reread that topic every day.

Listen to a radio program on that topic.

Joining into the conference.

Embark on a project as if your future depended on it.


8. Pay yourself first

Keep a portion of your total earnings.

If you don’t save any money,

you won’t be able to sow the seeds of success. —Clement stone

Make a commitment today to save and invest at least 80%

of your income over your entire working life.

Deposit 80% of your salary each time you receive it into a special account for financial accumulation.

If over the course of your life you’ve saved $2.000 a month

and invested in a mutual fund at least 80% a year,

you’ll have over a million dollars in your account when you retire.

This means that anyone,

including minimum wage earners,

if they start saving early and save long enough,

can become a millionaire

by the time they reach retirement age.

Developing the habit of saving

and investing money is not easy.

It requires determination

and a strong will.

If you see this as a goal, write it down,

make a plan,

and do it.

When this habit eats into your subconscious and becomes inevitable,

financial success will surely come your way.

Be thrifty, thrifty, thrifty in everything.

Be careful with every penny,

every penny.

Question every spending.

Postpone major shopping decisions for at least a week,

if not a month.

The longer you have to decide,

the better you will make the decision and the better you will get.

The main reason retirees have to suffer poverty is

because they have spent lavishly before.

They buy what they like without thinking.

They fall victim to the so-called “Parkinson’s law”,

which states that “costs rise to keep up with income”.

This means that no matter how much money you make,

you will spend as much, or even more.

You never save and get out of debt.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to Parkinson’s law.

If you don’t save 10% of your income,

start saving 10% of your income today

into a separate savings

and investment account.

Do this at the beginning of each month,

before you even have to pay off your debts.

Live on 90% of your income.

Once you’re more comfortable with 90% of your income,

increase your savings to 20%, 30%,

then 40%, and keep increasing.

In a year, you will save 50%

and maybe 60% or 70% of your income

and live comfortably with your income and expenses.

At that time, your savings

and investment accounts will also start to grow.

You will be more cautious with your spending

and your debts will start to be paid off.

Within a year or two,

you will be in control of your entire financial life

and will be on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Anyone who tries this process will find it effective.

So apply it yourself.


Open a special account to accumulate finance from today.

Put some money in the account,

it doesn’t matter how much.

Then give it an opportunity to gradually grow that account.

I have one bank account with my wife

Let’s start studying money

so that you understand how it grows and develops.

Read books and magazines by experts in the field.

I read books daily

Never stop saving,

learning and growing until you become financially independent.


9. Learn every detail about your job

If you become excellent at what you do,

nothing can stop you from getting paid better

and getting promoted faster. —Dan Kennedy

The market will pay great rewards

for excellent performance,

average rewards for average performance,

poor rewards with failure,

despair for poor performance.

You should aim to become an expert in your chosen field

by learning every detail

to make your job better and better.

Read every magazine written in your field.

Read and research the latest books.

Take courses and seminars from experts in your field.

Join a professional or trade association,

attend every meeting and network

with other leaders in your field.

According to the law of information aggregation,

an individual who is able to combine

and use the most amount of information in any field will quickly

become the leader of that field.

If you are a sales person,

become an active student

who spends his life studying the sales process.

On average, the top 20% of salespeople earn 16 times more

than the bottom 80%,

The top 10% earn even more.

If you are a manager,

be determined to become a well-known professional manager.

If you are starting your own company,

learn business strategies and tactics

and try to come up with new ideas every day.

Set a goal for yourself

to be the best in your business or profession.

A detail, a perspective,

a small idea can also be a turning point in your career.

So keep looking for it.



Identify trends in your work.

What core qualities or key skills will help you

become a leader in your field in the future?

I smile at customers,

I talk sweet to customers,

I make them fell comfortable, friendly,

pleasure and happy in my shop.

Come up with a plan today and develop those skills,

applying it in your daily work.


10. Serve others wholeheartedly

You can get everything you want if you help others get what they want. — Zig Ziglar

The rewards you receive in life are always proportional

to your service to others.

Millionaires are obsessed with customer service.

They think about their customers anytime, anywhere.

They are constantly finding new and better ways to serve their customers.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do customers really want?

What customers appreciate?

What can I do for customers better than others?

Why are my customers buying someone else’s product today

and what do I have to do to get them to buy from me?

Your success in life will be directly proportional to

what you do after you do what is expected of you.

Always look for opportunities to do more than you get paid.

Always look for ways to “go the extra mile”

to do more for the customer

than is required and paid for.

Because remember on this “extra mile” will never encounter traffic jams.

Your customers are the people on

whom your success depends.

This means that your superiors

and colleagues are as customers

as the people who buy your products/services.

Your customers are also people

whose success and satisfaction depend on you.

This is the question you must ask yourself and answer yourself:

What can I do today to add value to my customer service?

Find ways to add value to the things you do

and the people who depend on you every day.

A small improvement in the way you serve your customers

can be an important foundation

for your financial success.

Never stop looking for little ways

to better serve your customers.

Today, customers value speed more than in the past

So whenever a customer asks for something,

you should say: “Dear customer, yes right here”.

These are the sweetest words your customers want to hear.



Identify your most important customers,

both inside and outside your organization.

Who do you depend on the most?

Who depends on you the most?

I can make almost customers become big customers

From today, what can you do to take better care of them?


11. Be completely honest with yourself and with others

Mindset is the starting point of all prosperity,



all great inventions,

discoveries and all other achievements. — Claude m. Bristol

Perhaps the most valued

and appreciated quality you can develop is integrity.

Be absolutely honest with everything you do,

your work and your actions.

Never compromise with integrity.

Remember that your word is your covenant

and your credibility comes first in business.

Every successful business is based on trust.

Whether you become a millionaire

or not will be determined by the number of people

who trust you, are willing to work for you,

give you trust, lend you money,

buy your products and services,

and help you in your projects for difficult times.

Your character is the most important asset

you can develop throughout your life,

and the foundation of your character

is integrity that you can cultivate.

The first key to developing integrity is being true to yourself,

in all things.

The highest honesty is with the person inside you.

Being honest with yourself means doing it well.

Integrity is reflected on the inside through personal honesty

and outwardly through the quality of work.

The second key to developing integrity is being honest with others.

Be real with everyone.

Never say or do something that you do not believe is right,



Deny your integrity in exchange for anything.

Live to the highest standards you know.

Here is a question for you to regularly ask and answer:

What would my world be like

if everyone were like me?

This question forces you to set high standards

for yourself and continually raise them further.

Act as if all your words and actions have become universal laws.

Present yourself as

if everyone is watching you and taking you

for granted mirror.

And when in doubt, do the right thing,

whatever it is and how much it costs.



Any problem in your life can be solved by returning to your values.

What are they?

What do you believe in and stand for?

I have wonderful partner, my wife.

Whenever you feel stressed,

it means you are compromising one of your values.

Regardless of the stress,

try to be as honest as possible in this moment

with the things that you believe are important in your life.


12. Determine your highest priority and focus your mind on it

“He who hesitates is often not steadfast in anything.”

Do what needs to be done now. — Brian Tracy

When you develop the habit of shaping your dominant priorities

and focusing your whole mind on them,

you will be able to accomplish anything you want in life.

This core tactic is the key driver of high income,

wealth, and financial independence for thousands,

even millions of people.

Your ability to determine your highest priority

and work towards achieving it is an important test

and yardstick by which to measure your willpower,

discipline, and character.

This is the hardest habit to develop

but most important if you want to have great success.

Here is a method.

Make a list of everything you have to do

before you start working on any goals.

Establish priorities on that list

by always asking yourself these four questions:

Question #1:

What are my highest-value activities?

Of the things you do,

which one has more outstanding value to your work and business?

Question #2:

Why am I getting paid?

What exactly were you hired to do?

Focus on results, not activities.

Question #3:

What can I and only I do, and if done well,

will make a real difference?

This is a special mission that only you can do.

If you don’t do it, no one will do it better.

But if you do it and you do it well,

it can make a meaningful difference in your business and in your life.

What is that mission?

Question #4:

What is the most valuable thing

I spend my time doing right now?

There will be only one answer

to this question at any one time.

Identify the most valuable thing you spend your time doing and then

Getting to work right away is the key to your financial success.

Finally, focus on one task,

the most important task,

and stick to it until it is 100% completed.

Be patient and don’t get sidetracked or confused.

Push yourself into the work until it gets done.

If you continually define priorities

and focus on the task of highest value,

you will be able to perform at your best.

Gradually, this habit will become automatic

and will guarantee success in life.

Just this habit can make you a millionaire.



Identify the most important thing you can do right now

to achieve your most important goal,

then train yourself to do that,

just one thing, until it’s 100% done.

Love my job, I can make my customers happy and laugh

The ability to do this job,

this job alone can change your whole life.


13. Build a reputation for speed and reliability

Do your job, but don’t just stop at work.

Just a little more,

and this “little” will have more value than the rest. — Dean Briggs

Time is the money of the 21st century.

Everyone today is living in an extraordinary rush.

Customers don’t even know right now they want a product

or service that they wanted yesterday.

People are getting less and less patient.

Loyal customers will change providers overnight,

if someone else serves them faster than their current provider.

Today, “instant gratification”

is still not fast enough as one would expect.

Your job is to build a reputation for speed.

Develop a “sense of urgency”.

Develop an inclination to act.

Act fast to seize the opportunity.

Act quickly when people want

or need something.

Act fast when you see something that needs to be done.

When your boss or client asks you to do something,

you put everything aside

and do it so quickly that it surprises them.

Have you ever heard someone say,

“Whenever you want something done,

give it to a busy person.”

Celebrities who are agile will attract more opportunities

and are more likely to come to them.

They have more opportunities to do more things

and do it faster than people

who only work when they feel inspired.

When you combine your abilities

to choose the task

that needs the most priority with a commitment

to doing it fastest and best,

you will find yourself moving forward.

More opportunities will open up to you than you can imagine.



Pick an important task that you can’t delay to start

or complete and commit to it immediately.

I love my life, my wife, my son and my assets

Repeat the mantra over and over again:

“Do it now! Must do now! Must do it now!”.


14. Prepare to climb from peak to peak

Victory is not at any moment but at all times. — Vince Lombardi

Just like a mountaineer, after climbing a mountain,

he will have to go down the valley before climbing another peak,

so your life and career will be a series of ups and downs.

Have you ever heard the saying:

“Life is a process of two steps forward,

one step back” yet?

Business also has cycles and trends.

There are down cycles and up cycles.

Often, trends in business can lead

to a complete change in the entire industry.

We see the example of the Internet today.

The Internet and technological developments

in every way are changing many established ideas

and beliefs about the way business is done.

Develop a long-term perspective.

Take a longer look in everything you do.

Plan two, three, four, five years into the future

and don’t allow yourself to be emotionally unstable

with the short-term ups and downs of everyday life.

Remember that everything in your life moves in its cycles and trends.

Stay calm, confident and comfortable

with the transient fluctuations in your career.

When you have clear goals and plans

that you are working on every day,

gradually the general trend in your life will move forward and upward.



Identify important cycles and trends in your business.

Where is the market going?

What is changing and how do you adapt to those changes?

No matter

What do you need to do today to be ready

to take advantage of tomorrow’s new world?

Whatever the answer is, do it now.

I do my best daily


15. Self-discipline in all things

Self-discipline is the ability for you to be able to do what you need to do,

when you need to do it,

whether you like it or not. — Elbert Hubbard

Self-discipline is the most important quality for success in life

and for becoming a millionaire.

If you can train yourself to do the things you need to do,

in the time of need, whether you like it or not,

then success will surely come to you.

The key to becoming a millionaire

is having a long-term perspective combined

with the ability to delay immediate gratification.

It’s the ability to set a long-term goal

for you to become financially independent,

then discipline yourself every day, every purchase,

just to focus on doing what ensures you’ll eventually succeed,

achieve long-term goals.

Self-discipline requires self-control,



and self-direction.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is

that successful people have a habit of doing things

that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.

What are those?

The things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do are the same things

that successful people don’t like to do.

But no matter what,

successful people still do those things they don’t like

because they realize that this is the price they have

to pay for the success they crave.

Successful people focus more on gratifying results,

while unsuccessful people pay more attention

to methods that bring joy.

Successful people often act to achieve goals,

while unsuccessful people act to relieve stress.

Successful people do the hard,


and important things.

In contrast, unsuccessful people like to do things for fun,

which gives them instant gratification.

The great thing is that when you train yourself in one area,

your spirit of self-training in other areas also increases.

Each time you practice self-training,

your self-esteem also multiplies.

You love and respect yourself more.

The more discipline you practice in the little things,

the more likely you are to accomplish the great ones

the law of hardship is necessary

for you to seize great opportunities

and overcome tough challenges in life.

Remember, everything in life is a test.

Every day,

every hour,

every minute,

you test,

your self-control, control and self-discipline.

Test to see if you can do the most important things on your own

and stick with them until they are done.

Check to see if you can focus on what you want and where you’re going,

not just thinking or talking about things you don’t want

or problems you’ve had in the past.

As you pass each of these tests,

you move forward and “step up” to the next.

When you pass this test,

you have also moved forward in life.

Success requires tons of discipline.

Because as Jim Rohn said,

Discipline weighs a pound, while failure weighs a ton.



Change one thing at a time.

Identify an area of ​​your life

where you see a lack of discipline as affecting your success.

If I give up,

I lost all,

I am empty hand,

my wife, my son,

my life and my assets

Get disciplined in that area today.

Start with determination.

Tell others about your decision.

Exceptions are not allowed

until the new habit is firmly established.

This decision can change your life.


16. Unleash your natural creativity

Imagination is more important than reality. — Albert Einstein

Here comes some better news.

You are a hidden genius.

You are smarter than you imagine.

You have more intelligence and creativity than you have ever used before.

Your brain has 10 billion cells,

each of which is connected

to about 20,000 other cells

by a complex network of neurons and dendrites.

This means that there are more combinations

and permutations of cells in your brain

than there are molecules known in the universe.

So the possibilities for developing ideas to help you succeed are endless,

which means your possibilities

for success are also endless.

Your creativity is stimulated by

three factors: first, strong goals;

second, urgent matters;

third, the core questions.

The more you focus your mind on achieving goals, solving problems,

or answering tough questions in your personal or business life,

the smarter you become

and the better you focus your mind on future work.

Your brain and creativity are like muscles.

The more you use them, the stronger and more resilient they are.

ou can boost your intelligence and IQ by practicing creative thinking every day.

And remember, creativity is just another word for “innovation”.

Whenever you have an idea to reinvent a part

of your work to find a new,

better, faster, cheaper and easier way to do it,

you are at the peak of your success. creation.

Just like you build muscles

by training with bodyweight exercises,

you can also develop your mind by exercising.

Here is an exercise to help you develop your brain

and help you discover the genius hidden within you.

Take a blank sheet of paper,

write at the top of the page the most important goal

and the most prominent issue in the form of a question.

For example, you could write:

I can double my income in two to three years?

Now, write yourself down at least 20 different answers to that question.

Please choose one of the answers and do it right away.

You will be surprised at the results you achieve.



Write down on paper the most prominent problem

or goal that you most want to achieve.

Then imagine that this problem has been solved perfectly

or that this goal has been achieved with great results.

What are the solutions or achievements?

We are wonderful parents, wonderful couple,

the richest man in Bangladesh

What would you do immediately to bring about this result?

Remember, action is everything.


17. Socialize with the right people

Five years from now you will still be the person you are today,

unless you meet friends and read books. — Charlie Jones

85% of your success and happiness in life is determined

by the quality of the relationships you develop in your personal

and professional activities.

The more people you know and the more people

who know you in positive relationships,

the faster you are likely to succeed and move forward.

It seems that in every turning point in life,

there will always be someone who will either help you or hinder you.

Successful people have the habit of building

and maintaining a network of trusting relationships.

As a result, they do more than people

who just come home from work and watch TV every night.

Everything is related.

Nearly all of your problems in life arise as a result

of you having inappropriate relationships with the wrong people.

All of your great success comes from having good relationships with good people

people with whom you help each other.

More than 90% of your success is determined by your “society team”.

Social groups are defined as people you hang out with

and stay with on a regular basis.

You are like a chameleon in that you will be influenced by the attitudes,

behaviors, values, and beliefs of the person with

whom you spend most of your time.

If you want to be a successful person,

go out and associate with positive people.

Make friends with people who are optimistic,



and constantly moving forward in life.

At the same time,

stay away from negative,


or complaining people.

If you want to fly with eagles,

you can’t find turkeys.

Millionaires are constantly growing their networks.

They join trade and industry associations,

attend every meeting,

and are interested in activities of groups.

They introduce themselves to people at social and commercial events,

hand out business cards and talk about what they do.

And this is one of the best strategies.

Whenever you meet new people,

suggest to them to talk about their business

and specifically to tell you

what you should know to send to the client.

And then, as soon as possible,

see if you can bring customers to them.

Be a “come and giver” rather than a “come and receive”.

Always find ways to “give”

before you start thinking of ways to “take”.

The best way for you to network and build your relationships is

to constantly find ways

to help others achieve their goals.

The more you give,

the more rewards you will receive from the most unexpected.



Identify the most important person in your life,

both now and in the future.

What can you do to help them in life

and work so that they are willing to help you?

My wife

Identify the people you should get to know.

What can you do for them in advance

so that they can do whatever you need in return?

Remember, first sow the seed, then reap.


18. Take care of your physical health

The key to happiness is a healthy mind in a healthy body. — Theodore Roosevelt

We are living in the greatest time in human history,

in terms of health and longevity.

Today, people can live better with longer life expectancy than in the past.

You should aim to live to 80, 90,

or even 100 years old with good health

and you can absolutely do this.

First of all, aim to live to be at least 80 years old.

Then look at your current health habits

and see if your current lifestyle can help you live well into your 80s.

There are three important things required

for a healthy, happy and long life.

The first is the right weight.

Make it a goal to stay at a healthy,

manageable weight and maintain that weight for the rest of your life.

Here is a six-word formula to lose weight and get in shape,

which is “eat less, exercise more”.

The second is to eat right.

And the key here is to eat healthier food and eat less.

Eat plenty of protein-rich foods,


and vegetables.

Limit snacking, soft drinks,


and anything else that contains sugar.

Do not eat more salt than necessary

and white flour products.

Divide your portion into several small meals,

it’s better than eating one big meal.

When you have complete control over your eating habits,

it will be easier for you to control other habits in your life.

The third key to longevity is proper exercise.

This requires you to be physically active for about 200 minutes a week

or an average of 30 minutes a day.

You can exercise in many forms such as walking

for 30 to 60 minutes three to five days per week.

If necessary, you should join a health club

or have exercise equipment at home

and exercise with more intensity.

To live a long and healthy life,

you need to set clear,

specific goals for each of your health levels.

You plan and execute the plan daily.

This requires self-control, self-control,

self-training, and the rewards will be extraordinary.

If your financial goal is to have more than a million dollars,

your health goal is that you also need to live long enough

to be able to enjoy a good life

with the money you have.



Identify a health habit that you need

to promote so you can live a healthier life.

Maybe cut back on desserts.

Then, take this as a challenge and resolve

to train yourself until the new habit is firmly established.

Drink and eat less sugar,

eat more fruit and drink milk


19. Assertiveness and propensity to act

Taking up arms against the waves of the sea of ​​suffering,

in doing so, suffering will cease. — William Shakespeare

One of the qualities of millionaires is that they always think clearly,

then make decisions quickly.

They forge to take action and immediately execute their decisions

when they make them.

They act fast and get quick feedback from their own actions.

If they see something wrong,

they will quickly correct themselves and try another way.

The key to your success is to commit.

Successful people are assertive

and they try to do more things than others do.

According to the Law of Probability,

if you try different things to achieve success,

the probability is that you will eventually find the right way,

at the right time.

Unsuccessful people are hesitant.

They know what they should

or should stop doing,

but they don’t have the character

or will to make firm decisions.

As a result, they are swept away for the rest of their lives,

never happy, fulfilled, or successful.

They don’t get rich

or become financially independent.

They can do more than that,

but they compromise themselves, stopping midway.

When you are assertive and inclined to take action,

you will hit the gas for the rest of your life.

You get more done in a day than anyone else.

You move forward faster than the people around you.

You pour more joy,

more passion into your cup of energy,

enthusiasm and motivation.

This positive energy will propel you towards your goals faster.



Ask yourself what action,

if I did it right away,

would most positively affect my results?

Whatever your answer is, do it now.

Deposit 5.000 ringgit monthly


20. Never allow failure to be an option

There is nothing scarier than fear itself. — Franklin d. Roosevelt

The fear of failure is the biggest hindrance to human success.

Note that it is not failure that prevents you from succeeding,

because failure makes you stronger,

more flexible,

and more determined.

It is the fear of failure or the anticipation

of failure that can paralyze your thoughts and actions,

holding you back,

preventing you from doing what needs to be done to achieve great success.

Once, a young journalist asked Thomas J. Watson,

the founder of IBM, how he could achieve success faster.

If you want to succeed faster,

you have to double your failure rate” he replied.

Success lies on the other side of failure.”

Dare to move forward.

Millionaires are not gamblers,

but they are always willing to take premeditated risks in goal orientation

in order to achieve greater rewards.

In fact, your risk-taking attitude

is the single most important indicator

of your willingness to get rich.

Whenever you’re faced with a risky situation, ask yourself,

“What’s the worst thing that will happen if I move forward?”

As J. Paul Getty, a millionaire in the oil and gas industry said:

You should make sure,

whatever it is,

it’s not going to happen.”

In fact, everyone is afraid of failure.

Everyone is afraid of loss and poverty.

Everyone is afraid to make mistakes, afraid to fail.

But millionaires are those who dare to face failure cautiously,


and take action no matter what.

Ralph Waldo Emerso wrote:

Make it a habit throughout your life

to do the things you fear.

If you do the things you fear,

fear will no longer follow you.”

When you dare to act, there will be invisible power to help you.

Every act of bravery will increase your courage in the future.

Whenever you act in the direction

of moving forward without assurance of success,

then your fear is reduced and your courage

and confidence increased.

You will eventually reach the point

where you are no longer afraid of anything.

Perhaps the best quote from the Apollo 13 movie is that of Eugene Krantz

NASA’s research team leader.

When everyone around him began to ponder the possibility

that he might have lost the spaceship and the astronauts,

he pulled them together by declaring loudly:

“Failure is not an option. !”

Your job is to commit yourself to becoming a millionaire.

Your job is to define clear goals, write them down,

and work towards them every day.

In particular, you must keep reminding yourself,

in whatever problem or difficulty you experience,

that “Failure is not an option”.

This is the attitude that, more than anything,

will guarantee your long-term success.



Identify what your great fear in life is for example,

failure, criticism or opposition,

and act as if that fear did not exist.

No matter, sometimes fight my manager,

there are little customers comes my shop

Imagine that you are sure to achieve success

if you only act in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Then do it.

21. Overcoming the “test of perseverance”

Nothing in this world can replace perseverance.

It is not talent,

because there are many talented people who still fail.

Not a genius, because it is well known

that genius is often not rewarded.

It is not education,

because this world has too many educated people who are neglected.

Only perseverance

and determination have absolute power. — Calvin Coolidge

Persistence is the iron quality of every person.

Persistence in human character is like carbon to steel.

This is an indispensable quality that goes hand in hand with great success.

One of the greatest secrets of perseverance and success is this:

Program your subconscious mind

to persevere in the face of the difficulties

and disappointments you will encounter on your way to success.

Determination is that you never give up,

no matter what happens.

When you are swamped with so many difficult problems,

you will not have enough time to develop the perseverance needed

to be able to solve the problems.

But if you plan ahead for the inevitable ups and downs in life,

when they come, you’ll be in full control of your mind.

You will be prepared in advance.

The courage to persevere in the face of any challenge,

more than anything,

will ensure your success.

Your greatest personal asset is that you are more persistent than others.

In fact, persistence is the measure

of your belief and ability to succeed.

Remember, this whole life is a test.

To have great success, you must pass the “test of perseverance“.

These tests are usually short,

surprise tests.

It can come at any time,

often without warning.

You have to take the test of perseverance

whenever you face difficulties,



disappointments or unexpected crisis in life.

That’s when you show yourself

and those around you what really makes you.

Epictetus the ancient Greek philosopher once wrote:

Conditions do not make man.

It just exposes him to himself.

What is certain in your life is a cyclical meltdown.

If you live a busy life,

you will have a crisis every two or three months.

In between these inevitable crises will be successive difficult problems.

And the more you try to achieve many goals,

dream big dreams,

the more determined you are to become a millionaire,

the more crises and difficulties you have to go through.

The only factor you can control is

how you deal with setbacks and failures.

If you always deal with difficulties in a positive and constructive way,

the stronger you become and able

to deal with the next problems and crises.

You will eventually reach a point

where your determination reigns.



What is the most difficult situation you are facing in your life right now?

We must focus on, persistence and discipline

Whatever the difficulty,

imagine it taught you the valuable lesson

you need to be more successful in the future.

What is that lesson?


From this point on,

always look for valuable lessons in every difficulty and failure.

You will always find

and it will help you on your way to becoming a millionaire.



Success is predictable

I repeat the most important message in this entire book,

which is: “Success is predictable.”

Success is not about luck, or randomness,

or being in the right place at the right time.

Success is predictable like the sun rising in the East

and setting in the West.

By practicing the principles you just learned,

you will move forward in life.

You will have a distinct advantage over those who do not know

or practice these principles.

You will have an edge that will give you a winning edge

for the rest of your life and career.

If you persist in doing what successful people do,

nothing in this world can stop you from succeeding.

You are the architect of your destiny.

You are the driver of your destiny.

There is no limit to stop you,

except the limit you create yourself with your own thoughts.

Remember, you can be as good

or better than the people you meet.

You are an outstanding individual.

You are more intelligent and talented

than anything you have ever realized or used up to now.

You have within you the hidden ability

to accomplish all the beautiful things in your life.

The biggest responsibility in your life is

to dream big dreams,

define exactly what you want,

create a plan to get there,

practice the strategies taught in this book,

take action every day.

day into your dreams and goals,

resolutely never,

never give up.

By performing these actions,

you have placed yourself on the side of the angels.

When you are determined,

success will surely come to you.

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