Brian Tracy! Time Management! Organize your workplace

Time Management Chapter 21. Organize your workplace It’s our time to create a life that we love. Because someday, it will no longer be our time. ― Shawn Anderson One of the great time management tools is working from an organized desk and workspace. Just like a great chef cleans up the kitchen before and […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Read Faster, Remember More

Time Management Chapter 19. Read Faster, Remember More To succeed today, you have to set priorities, decide what you stand for. — Lee Iacocca  The typical modern businessman has to read thousands of words from emails, reports, newsletters, business information, articles and other documents. To be successful, you will have to keep up with the […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Invest in self-development

Time Management  Chapter 20. Invest in self-development By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ― Benjamin Franklin The single most important thing you can do to increase your self-worth, improve your results, and make yourself more important. to the company is to do better and better at what matters most to you. Personal […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Organizing Effective Meetings

Time Management Chapter 18. Organizing Effective Meetings Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Up to 25 to 50% of management time is spent in meetings. These can be face-to-face meetings with one person, brief meetings in the hallway or in and out of […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Managing the phone

Time Management  Chapter 17. Managing the phone Timing is everything. — Dan Millman The phone can be a great tool or a terrible host – especially when you feel compelled to answer every time it rings. For maximum productivity, you must keep the phone in the proper role so that you do not become dependent […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Sorting tasks in groups

Time Management Chapter 16. Sorting tasks in groups If you waste your time on the wrong people, you might miss your chance with the right one.― Aysa Angel Organizing tasks in groups is simply doing the same things at the same time. Everything you do has a “learning curve”. When you complete a series of […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Controlling Interruptions

Time Management Chapter 15. Controlling Interruptions The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. ― Stephen R. Covey Unexpected interruptions are one of the biggest time-wasters in business and professions. These interruptions can come in the form of a chime for new mail from your computer, ringing of phone calls and texts, […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Setting the right intervals

Time Management  Chapter 14. Setting the right intervals The best way to predict your future is to create it. ― Abraham Lincoln You need to have uninterrupted periods of time to be most effective. The more important the tasks, the more time you need to set aside time to process them. You need a minimum […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Overcoming delay

Time Management  Chapter 13. Overcoming delay You may delay, but time will not. ― Benjamin Franklin It is often said that “Delay is a thief of time”. An savvy audience member at one of my seminars extended this view and said that “Delay is a life stealer.” Your ability to overcome delay and get things […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Focusing the mind

Time Management Chapter 12. Focusing the mind Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them. ― Dion Boucicault Concentration and the ability to handle a single task are essential to any great achievement. Focus means that once you’ve started on your most important task, determined to stick with it without straying or getting […]