Winning human heart! Acknowledging Your Mistakes Before Criticizing Others

Chapter 24: Acknowledging Your Mistakes Before Criticizing Others Much of a person’s happiness or unhappiness depends on their character, not on their circumstances.- Matha Washington My niece Josephine Carnegie came to New York to work as my secretary. She is nineteen years old, graduated from high school three years ago, but she doesn’t have much […]

Winning human heart! Indirect Criticism

Chapter 23: Indirect Criticism One day Charles Schwab was visiting one of his factories during his lunch break and came across several workers smoking under the “No Smoking” sign. He walked over to give each of them a cigar: “Boys, if you’re smoking outside, I totally approve of smoking.” These workers knew they were caught […]

Winning human heart! Before Criticize, Praise

Chapter 22: Before Criticize, Praise Under President Calvin Coolidge, a friend of mine was invited to the White House for the weekend. When I was about to enter the President’s office, my friend suddenly heard him say to a secretary: “Your dress is so beautiful, you are a very charming girl.” This unexpected compliment made […]

Winning human heart! Suggestions Instead of Commands

Chapter 25: Suggestions Instead of Commands I once had lunch with Miss Ida Tarbell, an author who specializes in biographies of famous people in America. While discussing the topic of how to be nice to people, she tells the story of Owen D. Young, the character in the biography she is writing. One of Young’s […]