Winning human heart! To Get The Highest Cooperation

Winning human heart! Chapter 16: To get The highest cooperation Do you believe in your own initiatives more than others give you? If that’s the case, then forcing others to accept your opinion would be a serious mistake on your part. It is better to offer a few suggestions and let others make their own […]

Winning human heart! Wisdom When Encountering Confrontation

Winning human heart! Chapter 15: Wisdom when encountering confrontation Talking too much about yourself is the habit of most people when trying to convince others to follow their way of thinking. You should give other people a chance to present their point of view. Most of them know more about their jobs and problems than […]

Winning human heart! The Secret of Socrates

Winning human heart! Chapter 14: The Secret of socrates When talking to people, you shouldn’t start with differences. Conversely, we can begin by emphasizing points on which both sides agree. If possible, keep emphasizing that both are striving for the same goal, the only difference between the two is the method. The answer “Yes” from […]

Winning human heart! Sweet Honey In Communication

Winning human heart! Chapter 13: Sweet honey in communication When we are in a state of anger and we can take all our anger out on the person who caused it, we will surely gloat a lot! But what about the opponent? They will not be able to accept my harsh tone and spiteful attitude. […]