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2 best ways go business without money

✌️How to do business without money? When you see people around you, they are doing business. They are rich, they have beautiful wife, they can do everything, they have cute children! They are so lucky. While you work very hard for your life, you still do not have enough to eat. You wish and you think how you can do business without money. 🏆🚗💰
 1. Build a door for your business in future
Actually, business is about give better solutions for people, solving problems for people. So you can do business without too much money, but you need to invest your time to learn, research and one day you have the knowledge, you can practice it. I mean that you can give some solutions to some small business, then you can do business with them by earning commission. This is your passive income in the future, When you gain this income, your life will be better, you will be more confident, you will feel that you are worth. This income accumulates gradually, increasing day by day, step to step. One day you will be rich, life turns to a new page. Believe me! I am an example for you. 👌
For example:
👉In your free time you can search the websites of new companies, or small companies, or famous groups and pages. You read and research, come up with solutions to help them grow, or you can write content to advert their product, any, write them emails to owner of business. Remember this is great chance for you practice your knowledge, to get your experience. So you can feel comfortable that you give your worth to them free. Other way is learning way to open your relationship.
👉If you trade, you should have friends. If you sell, you should have an organization.
👉If every day you send an email to give the company a solution, support company better, then one day, surely some company will reply to you. Then a business opportunity without money appears. Assuming you do nothing, your free time is playing games and entertainment, your whole life will be zero.
👉If you think that you have money to do business, you will succeed, you are wrong. You open a shop or you do business, you will have customers buy your products. You have to give your customers why they believe you, they choose you, they buy your product, they support you, they introduce you! Even I can answer these question, but I also failure! because there is other question, I could not do it well.


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